Bent Out Of Shape People Religion Essay

Frank and Mabel had been married for 40 old ages. Frank turned 60 a few months before and they were observing Mabel ‘s sixtieth birthday. During the birthday party, Frank walked into another room and was surprised to see a faery godmother appear before him. She said, “ Frank, this is your lucky twenty-four hours.

I ‘m here to allow you one wish-what would you wish? ” He thought for a minute, and said, “ Well, I would truly wish to hold a married woman who was 30 old ages younger than me. ” The faery godmother said, “ No job. ” She waved her wand, and “ fagot ” all of a sudden Frank was 90 old ages old.I imagine old Frank was a small set out of form by the manner that turned out!In the transition of Bible today we are traveling to look at two people who were bent out of form ; one was a adult female who was physically dead set out of form and the other was a spiritual adult male who was spiritually dead set out of form ; one was crippled by a spirit of failing and the other was crippled by a spirit of legalism and resentment.Jesus was able to assist one of them, but the other one stayed set out of form.

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Let ‘s read about them in Luke 13:10-21:



You are listening to Derek Stringer on Word Alive. Thank you for fall ining us today. My name is ( – ) .Dr. Stringer is the Bible Teacher for Good News Broadcasting, the company that produces Word Alive.As we turn to Luke 13 and verse 10, we ‘re into a series through selected transitions from Luke ‘s Gospel and the instruction of Jesus.This series we call Storm-Proof Your Life.“ On a Sabbath Jesus was learning in one of the temples, and a adult female was there who had been crippled by a spirit for 18 old ages.

She was set over and could non unbend up at all. When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, “ Woman, you are set free from your frailty. ”Then he put his custodies on her, and instantly she straightened up and praised God. Indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, the temple swayer said to the people, “ There are six yearss for work. So come and be healed on those yearss, non on the Sabbath. ”


The Lord answered him, “ You hypocrites! Does n’t each of you on the Sabbath untie his ox or donkey from the stall and take it out to give it H2O? Then should non this adult female, a girl of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for 18 long old ages, be set free on the Sabbath twenty-four hours from what bound her?


I love to analyze what Jesus did and what He said because He is still making the same things today, and His words are still fresh and powerful for us.

Many of you may be “ dead set out of form ” today for a assortment of grounds. If you will pay attending to Jesus today, He can put you free.First, allow ‘s see a adult female: BENT OUT OF SHAPE BY AgonyThe nazarene was still seeking to make the Jews, so we find Him instruction in this temple. The resistance against Jesus is turning, and this is the last clip in Luke ‘s Gospel that we find Jesus in a temple.He saw a hapless adult female who was so dead set out of form she could n’t stand up directly. She had been this manner for 18 old ages. I can merely visualize her set over so she could n’t look up and see the sky.

She had spent the last 18 old ages looking down into the soil at her pess and everyone else ‘s pess. No uncertainty, feeding and imbibing were hard andshe could merely rest curled up in a fetal place.For old ages, people told the adult female, “ Stand up! ‘ And she would state, “ I ca n’t! ”“ Look up! ” “ I ca n’t! ” “ Lift up your eyes! ” “ I ca n’t! ” When asked why non, she would state, “ I merely ca n’t! ” Some of you have a good instance of the “ can’ts ” excessively. Stop imbibing! “ I ca n’t! ” Stop looking at erotica! “ I ca n’t! ” Stop mistreating drugs! “ I ca n’t! ” Stop being acrimonious! “ I ca n’t! ” Forgive that individual who hurt you! “ I ca n’t! ”You need for Jesus to present you from your “ can’ts ” today. Have you of all time seen a circus elephant tied to a little wooden interest outside a circus collapsible shelter? That adult elephant could easy rend the wooden interest out of the land. But when elephant animal trainers are developing babe elephants, they use a strong Fe ground tackle saloon and drive it deep into the land. When the babe elephant jerks and attempts to acquire off, he ca n’t and see the hurting of the bond on his leg.

Finally, he gives up and Michigans drawing. Gradually as the elephant grows up, they replace the Fe ground tackle saloon with a wooden interest. That ‘s why the grown elephant does n’t draw off ; he does n’t believe he can, so he ca n’t. It ‘s non the interest in the land maintaining him in topographic point ; it ‘s the idea in his head that keeps him at that place.One the Satan ‘s greatest tools is to seek to raise a fastness in your head to do you believe you ca n’t make something God has told you to make.


That ‘s why the Bible says in Ephesians 4:27, “ Do non give the Satan a bridgehead. ”


If you give the Satan an inch, he ‘ll take your smiling ; he will rob you of your joy.

Meanwhile, back at the temple, notice the stairss Jesus follows to present this adult female.First He looks at her, and so He calls her. I wonder if Jesus bent down and looked into her eyes? I imagine Him as He looks into those fearful but hopeful eyes. He smiles and says, “ You are set free from your frailty.

” She is still dead set over, so Jesus reaches out and touches her. I love verse 13.


It says, “ Immediately she straightened up and praised God. ”


I do n’t cognize what she said or sang ; it merely says she started praising God.If she were about today, possibly she would hold Sung,“ Love lifted me!When nil else could assist,love lifted me. ”Now, that leads us to our LIFE LESSON: WHEN JESUS TOUCHES YOU YOU ‘LL


Possibly you feel the weight of the universe has doubled you over. You feel dead set out of form because of the loads you have to transport. Worry and anxiousness can flex you over.

Heartache, hurting, defeat, and enduring can flex you over. Some of you have lost your occupations, you ‘ve been hurt, abused, or rejected and it seems as if you ca n’t look up. You may be trapped in some wickedness, or transporting around some deep, dark secret and you feel dead set out of form. Peoples say, “ Merely look up! ” And your answer is “ I ca n’t! ” They say, “ Merely agitate it off! ” You say, “ I ca n’t! ”The nazarene wants to make the same for you that He did for this adult female.First, He sees you and He knows your hurting.You can conceal your hurting from others behind a smiling, but Jesus sees you.

Next, He calls you to Himself.“ Come to me all you who labour and are bent over with attention, and I ‘ll give youremainder. ”Next, He speaks to you to allow you cognize that you can put free from your failing.

But, best of all He touches you.Here ‘s His word for you: “ Straighten up. ” If your matrimony is a muss and you feel dead set over from the load, allow Jesus touch you, so unbend up and praise Him. If addicted to something, Satan has you bound, allow Jesus touch you, so, unbend up and Praise Him. You ca n’t be touched by Jesus and remain the same. Let Him touch you and present you today.

Now, this hapless adult female was non the merely halt individual there that twenty-four hours.We besides see a adult male who was: BENT OUT OF SHAPE BY RELIGIOUS RULES.The hapless adult female who had been set free was praising the Lord, and all her friends were joying and shouting, “ Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! ” But the leader of the temple could n’t stand it. This was out of the ordinary, and he did n’t like it one spot. He became indignant-bent all out of form. In the thick of the rejoicing, he jumped to his pess and ordered everyone to be quiet and stop rejoicing.

Thingss are NOT traveling to acquire out of manus in HIS temple!He even quoted Exodus 20:9 to warrant his action. There was n’t traveling to be any healing in HIS temple on the Sabbath. No siree!It ‘s one thing to cite Bible, it ‘s another thing to right use it! Apparently, the temple swayer had a few others who agreed with his action because Jesus addressed His words to a group.I like the manner Eugene Peterson paraphrases it in The Message:


“ You frauds! Each Sabbath every one of you unties your cow or donkey from its stall, leads it out for H2O and thinks nil of it.

So why is n’t it all right for me to unbrace this girl of Abraham and take her from the stall where Satan has had her tied these 18 old ages? ”


The Jews had made so many loopholes in the Sabbath Torahs, they had figured out a manner to unbrace their farm animal and take them to H2O, even if the H2O was more than a Sabbath ‘s walk off. Jesus accused them of handling their animate beings better than they treated people!Sadly, the posterities of this self-appointed spiritual expert are still with us today. These edgy folks are trusting more on a set of rigorous spiritual regulations than on a liberating, joyous relationship with God. These people are frequently called legalists or spiritual diehards. You can normally descry them when other folks get happy in the Lord and get down praising God. Like the adult male in our text, they are speedy to kick.

They still get upset when they see person holding a good clip in the Lord: why? I guess it ‘s because they think faith ought to do you suffering, and if you are basking yourself, you ca n’t be really religious. Most of them have perfected what I callthe “ Holy Look ” that is an look that looks like a cross between acerb dyspepsia and a megrim concern.Those who have been set free by Jesus are under the changeless examination of these legalists who are ready to reprobate any unexpected exuberance.

It ‘s nil new. It was go oning 3,000 old ages ago.


In 2 Samuel 6 there is an interesting narrative about King David. The Ark of God had been out of Jerusalem for a long clip, and eventually David arranged to hold it brought back to the metropolis of Jerusalem. As the priests were transporting the Ark into the metropolis, David got so aroused that the Bible says he, “ danced before the Lord with all his might! ”


I do n’t cognize precisely what that means, except I suppose David was so full of joy he merely got happy pess.

His married woman saw him and despised his behavior ; she got all set outof form. She mocked him and in words dripping with ironies accused him of being“ undignified. ” I love David ‘s answer. He did n’t allow her rob his joy, he merely said, “ I will observe before the Lord and go even MORE undignified, because my self-respect is n’t every bit of import as observing the goodness of God. ”Sam Jones was a Wesleyan Evangelist who lived and preached in the late 1800s.

He was known to be highly apparent spoken. Once he was prophesying about how some people refuse to acquire enthusiastic about God because they were afraid they might lose their “ self-respect. ” He said: “ Dignity is the amylum of the shroud. The more self-respect a chap has the nearer dead he is. I expect to be every bit dignified as some of you when they put me in my casket. ”Every church has what I call “ the cold H2O commission. ” Whenever the fire of God starts firing in the Black Marias of some folks, they rise up and pour cold H2O on it. Whenever there ‘s a new and originative manner to make church, they pour cold H2O on that thought.

The cold H2O commission is non an elective commission, the members are self-appointed. They think it is their occupation to do certain things do n’t acquire out of manus in their church. Their favorite phrases are “ we do n’t make things like that around here ” or “ we ‘ve ne’er done it that manner before. ” Like the swayer of the temple, these people may even cite a small Bible, but they are more into regulations than into the autonomyJesus gives. I hope you make certain you do n’t go a portion of that commission and do n’t pay any attending when person on that commission corners you to kick about something traveling on in the church that they do n’t wish.The Jews were n’t the lone 1s with spiritual traditions.

We can hold spiritual traditions, excessively.There are some spiritual traditions that are wholly benign. But when youallow traditions to dominate the Word of God, that ‘s when they become unsafe.


Jesus said in Mark 7, “ You have let travel of the bids of God and are keeping on to the traditions of work forces.

.. therefore, you nullify the Word of God by your tradition which you have handed down.


God is ever at work in the NOW and a tradition ever anchors us to the yesteryear.Person has written a cagey definition of a spiritual tradition. Religious tradition: “ A clock that tells you what clip it was. ” It ‘s sad to state that many churches and many Christians still want things to be the manner they “ used to be. ” When they sing about “ the old clip faith ” they are n’t speaking about 2,000 old ages ago in the book of Acts, they are speaking about church in the 1950s!Here ‘s the LIFE LESSON: GOD ‘S LAWS ARE N’T TO TIE YOU DOWN, BUT TO SET YOU FREE!The jurisprudence of God was ne’er intended to curtail you, but to put you free. Jesus saidthe Sabbath was made for man-not adult male for the Sabbath.


In Galatians 3 Paul is composing to a group of Christians who have forfeited their autonomy under grace and have slipped back into the straitjacket of the jurisprudence.

He says, “ The jurisprudence was put in charge to take us to Christ that we might be justified by religion. Now that religion has come, we are no longer under the supervising of the jurisprudence. ”


Legalists do n’t bask their faith-and they do n’t desire anyone else to bask it either.A legalist is person whose list of regulations is longer than God ‘s and they want to enforce their list of regulations and ordinances on others.Legalism has no commiseration on people. Legalism makes my sentiment your load, makes my sentiment your boundary, makes my sentiment your duty. Nothing will maintain a Christian more immature than seeking to maintain a long list of regulations.

Learning to sit a bike is difficult because you have to larn balance. You know why a bike ca n’t stand up without a kickstand? Because it ‘s two tired. ( sorry ) Learning to sit a motorcycle involves achieving balance on two wheels. When my girls were larning, we bought them small bikes with preparation wheels. They were little wheels attached to the motorcycle that kept it from falling over. Training wheels made it easier to larn how to equilibrate the motorcycle. God ‘s Torahs are like developing wheels. They help you as you begin to larn how to equilibrate freedom with duty.

But developing wheels on a motorcycle are merely impermanent.When a title-holder bicycler wins we do n’t see any preparation wheels. As you grow as a Christian you can larn how to equilibrate your life on God ‘s two primary bids: love God with all your bosom and love your neighbor as yourself.

You wo n’t necessitate the preparation wheels of all the regulations and ordinances of the Bible. A legalist is still utilizing developing wheels.


Jesus said you “ Shall cognize the truth and the truth will put you free! ”


But the truth will do you huffy ( angry ) before it sets you free!You may non be bent out of form like the crippled adult female, but are you dead set out of form like the adult male crippled by legalism and regulations? Jesus wants to put you free today.The word “ set ” can be used as an adverb intending “ to hold a strong disposition or temperament.

”We see some people: BENT ON THE JOY OF GOD ‘S KINGDOM!Let ‘s read the remainder of our transition beginning in verse 17:


“ When he said this, all his oppositions were humiliated, but the people were delighted with all the fantastic things he was making. Then Jesus asked, “ What is the Kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? It is like a mustard seed, which a adult male took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air perched in its subdivisions. ”Again he asked, “ What shall I compare the land of God to? It is like barm that aadult female took and assorted into a big sum of flour until it worked all through thedough. ”


Jesus ‘ statement about puting animate beings free on the Sabbath was a powerful repartee that shamed the spiritual legalists. In visible radiation of verse 17 ask yourself: Am I delighted about all the fantastic things God is making in our church? Or are you a small doubting? The common people heard Jesus lief, but the spiritual people stayed annoyed. It ‘s still true today.

These two simple fables of the Kingdom explain why we should be full of joy. The Kingdom of God is non a clump of regulations ; it ‘s holding a personal relationship with the King.


One of the best definitions of the Kingdom of God is found in Romans 14:17, “ For the land of God is non a affair of feeding and imbibing ( spiritual regulations ) , but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. ”


You are basking the Kingdom when the Holy Ghost of God is make fulling you life and youhold right standing before the Father. In add-on you have interior peace and a joy that ca n’t be contained.Notice two life lessons from the fables:


His Kingdom starts little but grows big

A mustard seed is bantam, but it has something in it that a grain of sand does n’t. Life! The mustard works in Galilee has brilliant xanthous flowers and can turn to be over 9 pess tall. Bantam birds can construct nests in its subdivisions. Like that seed, the Kingdom is alive and although it starts little, it grows. That ‘s true of the church.

Jesus started with 12 work forces, and one of them was a sham. He told them to alter the world-that ‘s a reasonably little seed. On the Day of Pentecost, there were merely 120 people and today there are over 2 billion Christians.But this is besides true personally. When you foremost enter the Kingdom of God, you do n’t to the full understand the impact it has on you. It ‘s a little portion of your life, like a mustard seed. But if you are genuinely turning as a Christian, the older you get, the influence and impact of God in your life grows and grows until cognizing and functioning God becomes the individual most of import end in your life.

Sadly, some people receive the seed of God ‘s Word, but for a assortment of grounds the seed does n’t take root, and they shortly drop out and are ne’er heard from once more, except possibly at Easter or Christmas. Can you attest today that God ‘s influence is turning larger and larger in your life? If you can, the seed has taken steadfast root in your bosom.


His Kingdom alterations every portion of your life.

If you are traveling to bake good staff of life, you can take a pinch of barm and set it in the staff of life dough. Like a mustard seed, barm is “ alive. ”In barm, there are 1000s of life, plant-like microorganisms. When activated by warm liquid, and fed by sugar or amylum, the barm releases bantam bubbles of C dioxide gas. This gas is what makes the dough rise and accomplish its light texture after baking.Yeast Acts of the Apostless as a accelerator to alter the nature of the staff of life dough.

Just a bantam spot of barm can impact and full ball of dough. That ‘s the point Jesus is doing. The land of God is a living accelerator that changes every portion of your life. You can non hold an brush with God and remain the same. Yeast besides works invisibly on the interior of the dough.

Religion attempts to alter people from the exterior in, it ‘s really interested in visual aspects. However, the Kingdom of God works invisibly on the interior of your life, and, like barm, God changes you from the interior out. TheKingdom of God is NOT is outward visual aspect or behavior, it is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Are you leting the Kingdom of God to alter your life?Whatever is broken in your life, Jesus can repair it. If you are dead set out of form by enduring, Jesus sees you and calls you. He came to put you free from Satan ‘s bondage, and when He touches you, you will ne’er be the same once more! You may be bent out of form by spiritual regulations, a suffering legalist. Jesus came to put you free from the ironss and weights of the jurisprudence. Will you allow Him?He wants you to be delighted in what He is making right now-and that can merely go on when you let His Kingdom to be existent in your life.We are all like old Humpty Dumpty.

The words to that small rime spell:“ Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall ; Humpty Dumpty had a great autumn ;All the King ‘s Equus caballuss and all the King ‘s work forces ; Could n’t set Humpty Dumpty back together once more. ”( MUSIC STARTS QUIETLY )Some of you know the job: you ‘ve fallen and you ca n’t acquire up. We live in a universe of broken people.

Life is delicate ; it should be handled with attention, because people break easy. All the self-help programmes, and the spiritual regulations ca n’t repair the broken Black Marias, broken hopes, and broken places of people around us.Jesus Christ was the lone individual who of all time claimed to be able to mend broken Black Marias.“ Jesus Christ came to your wall ;And on the Cross, He died for your autumn ;Regardless of decease and in malice of your wickedness ;Through grace, He can set you together once more.