Best experience

The best experience of my life The day was August 21 2002 and it had finally come, I waited to what seem to have been thousands of years, but it was true It was finally here. In the crisp cool morning as I open my eyes at am rushed to wake my mother rushing her to the car, driving as fast as I could the morning had finally came when I take my driver’s test. I couldn’t be more anxious, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

So there I was third person In line bouncing as if I had to use the restroom, but my turn finally came as the instructor alike over to me with a grin on her face like she hated her job, she looks up at me and says “Are you ready to take your test? ” YES I replied, I was then instructed to get in the car and prepare the vehicle for operation. I could not be more focused and more nervous holding the steering wheel so tight embedding my fingers into the leather, making sure not to make any mistakes so focused making every turn perfect.

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We then pull back into the DMS she instructed me to pull into an open parking spot and shut off the car, It was then she turned her head so slowly and looks directly into y eyes with such satisfaction and says “you’re a really good driver but you should really slow down and make sure you take every safely step before driving because not wearing our seat belt Is an automatic failure”.

This has been the best experience In my life because let a prime example of being so tunnel vision you forget simple little things in life that can have such a big impact in my life, and every time rush something I always remind myself of this situation that set me back months of not being able to drive