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If you cannot do the little things that matters to me, how do you hope to do bigger things? It puts it to me that you are a very selfish person, you care more about yourself and how you feel than any other person. I am simply trying to make my dad’s day and if it requires you to use Just a 30 sec calls to make that happen, wouldn’t you be human enough to do that? Talking about shyness, you sat in that congregation and listened to me testify against how I overcame it, didn’t you? And then when have I ever forced you to do such? Are you now Judging me coos I asked you to meet my courseware of which you didn’t see any need to?You make me feel unhappy when you reject small things I ask of you. These are the little things that make up a relationship, care, love and understanding. You need me to understand you, but you never want do that for me. How can you know something will break my heart am you still go ahead and do It? Isn’t that supposed to be wickedness? Sooner or later, It’s goanna be his birthday next year, and you will be compelled to call him coos you guys belong In same department.

I don’t mean to backtrack, but If you were a thinker, you’d think of how shabbily you treated me on my birthday and Just use this avenue o try learn from it.But no, it always has to be about you. What will it cost you to treat me as someone you truly want be with? And then here I am fighting, trying to blame myself for all that is happening to our relationship when you can’t even help in little thing like this? I guess it’s time I begin to come to terms that this relationship didn’t once thought or assumed that I am the one. Talking about ‘l love you forever’, when you can’t do a minute thing. Would you cold-heartedly tell me you won’t call my parent or siblings on their birthday? I wasn’t forcing you, I was only teaching you moon sense as usual.You are not a shy person. Stop making me feel like I am forcing you to stay if you don’t want to. And don’t even say I am controlling with this.

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Have you any idea how many people I told about this and didn’t make it a big deal to called him? Have you ever went out of you way to make me happy one day? But I do it all the frigging time… It’s not about me doing what I don’t want do, it more about me sacrificing to do what I wouldn’t want do because it is you and I love you. Gosh! I hate to cry coos of how you are trying hard to ruin us with one selfish character. You wouldn’t ask me to do this?Oh yeah! Like I didn’t know who you are. I don’t Knott to do but I Just regretted asking you to do this, you have single-handedly metamorphosed into a different person overnight.

I hope you find that ‘YOU’ that became my woman on the 24th December 2013. Not this stranger that knows how to love by words rather than action. Have a moment of reflection, don’t be fast to delete..

. ‘ wouldn’t go through all these talks if I didn’t give a damn about you. I can do everything you do ten times worse, but what’s the use? And take a moment to imagine that I am not nice to you.Instead of quickly escaping and telling me that you wouldn’t ask me to do this, take moment to tell yourself that, what if I ever asked onyx to do this and he said no? You have no idea how you are hurting me but I am Just overlooking it coos it’s the sacrifice we make for love sometimes. I won’t linger on this issue of you not being nice, but I will say this once.