Blood Brothers

This documentary response encompasses the assessed work on the chosen stimulus, ‘Blood Brothers’. The text provoked different responses displayed varyingly across the group. Underlying themes which arose were social background, the individual within society, friendship and education, and growing up and money.

Essentially, I have learnt that the play is an exploration of the above themes surrounding an embedded theme of love and the risks and dangers we face for those that we love during life’s many unexpected turns.In my opinion, the different dramatic exploration strategies were useful in different ways. Freeze frames allowed us to pin-point specific moments and analyses them which then lead us to a greater understanding and ability to implement that using role-play and improvisation. Main Paragraphs For each paragraph, explain the exercise In detail and the drama strategies used. Evaluate your own work and that of others.

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When writing about each strategy, always say what decisions were made as a result of working in that way and how that rehearsal strategy helped you to understand the lay and its characters. : The initial lesson exploring the themes of social class and background. Evaluate the still Image exercise with Olive’s group. 2: The third lesson exploring the relationship between Mackey and Edward using an extract from the text.

Evaluate the role-play exercise with Life’s pair. 3: The penultimate lesson exploring the relationship between Mrs.. Johnston and Mrs..

Lyons using an extract from the text. Evaluate the role-play exercise with Den’s pair. 4: The final lesson exploring the relationship between Mackey, Linda and Mrs.. Johnston using an extract from the text. Evaluate the marking the moment exercise with Tillage’s group.Answer the following questions In your responses: How were the drama strategies used to create effect and explore the text further? How was the drama medium(s) used In this exercise to explore the play ‘Blood Brothers? How was dramatic meaning communicated through these different methods? How did this develop your understanding of ‘Blood Brothers? How were the elements of drama used In performance In this exercise? How did these elements relate to the story and develop the themes and characters? How did this develop your understanding of ‘Blood Brothers? What was particularly successful about each exercise and what could have been Improved?Drama Strategies The Drama Medium The Elements Of Drama Freeze frames/stall Images Movement, mime and gesture Thought-tracking Voice Forms Narrating Spoken language Climax and anti-climax Hot-seating Space and levels Rhythm, pace and tempo Role-play/improvisation Set and props Contrasts Cross-cutting Lighting Characterization Forum-theatre Costume Conventions Marking the moment Masks and make-up Symbols Sound and use of music Conclusion In conclusion, I feel that the use of the different dramatic and exploration strategies as lead me to a deeper, more developed and more complex understanding of the play ‘Blood Brothers’.

I feel that overall; all groups used the techniques decidedly well in demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of the text, with room for improvement amongst most of us. I found role-play to be the most helpful strategy in developing my understanding of the play and exploring its themes as it allows the actor to fully immerse themselves in the play and commit to a character, thus leading to a more empathetic view having physically and mentally become them.