Blue Grouse

How many subspecies are there?
What is the distribution of blue grouse?
They are native to the mountainous ranges of north america
When is Autumn migration?
Late September, early October
When is spring migration?
Late march, early April
Where do blue grouse breed?
Forest habitats from sea level to the alpine/subalpine ecotoneOld growth coastal rainforestsShrub/steppe grassland communities >1 mile from a forest edgeEarly successional forests created by clearcutting and fire
What is the brood rearing habitat?
open, mesic sites with lush herbaceous vegetation
What is the blue grouse diet?
80-100% plant matter, primarily conifer needles
What is the mating display?
Flutter-flight display, 3-4 feet high circular flight
What is the breeding behavior of the blue grouse?
PolygynousBreeding is late march to early april
What is the clutch size?
1-12, average 6
What is the annual survival rate?
65-75% for males40-70% for females
How does clearcutting affect blue grouse?
Positively, increase populations for 15-20 years
What are the effects of grazing?
Degrades habitats