BNAD portal has over 30 educator dashboards and

BNAD 597A –  Research, goals and expectations


CLIENT: Arizona department of education

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Team: Aviral Choudhary, Pranav Bhandary, Kunbo Zhao, Jay
Patel, Manoj Prahaladarao

Section1: Research


1.      Client background: Arizona department of education(ADE) is a
state agency which oversees public education in the state of Arizona. ADE
supports about 15 county-level education agencies which covers more than 200
public school districts. Its headquarters is located at downtown, Phoenix.
State superintendent of public instruction
is incahrge of ADE and the current superintendent is Diane Douglas. Lisa Byler
is the deputy associate superintendent.
She has more than 15 years of experience in a fast-paced executive
environment as an experienced budget and procurement manager.


2.      AZDash and Online
Reporting Guide: Internet Portal
called “AZDash” will host all our dashboards and will be populated with data
from a longitudinal operational data store (AgencyODS) from the Arizona
Department of Education (ADE) information system. AZDash consolidates and
presents student performance data using interactive dashboards, saving teachers
time. AZ merit have a online report guide. Online Reporting System (ORS) have
all guidelines that needs to be followed. These guidelines include field names,
accepted values, definitions and description, user roles and permissions,
layout restrictions, norms followed by AZ merit. By this document, I understood
the restrictions and format followed by AZ merit for reporting which will in
turn help us to develop dashboards complaint to the online report guidelines


3.      Project research: In this
project, we would develop series of dashboards both using power BI and tableau
to serve stakeholders in State of Arizona K-12 education system. To understand
the requirements, we can break down the project research into three components


Current Scenario and Scope: The current AZ Dash portal has over 30
educator dashboards and over 100 individual visualization components and is
custom developed using Microsoft .Net framework. The goal of the project is to leverage
best of breed visualization software to
minimize the cost to develop and maintain dashboards. In this initial phase of
this project aims at developing a single dashboard that will display summarized
students results and identify trends in the results. Results obtained are of AZ
merit, a computer based test measures critical thinking skills for college and
career readiness


Data tell stories:
The first step for any data analysis using visualization is to identify the
source of data. In this project, source of data will be SQL server database. SQL
server database latest version is installed and its connection with the
proposed visualization tools is tested. Appendix/ data dictionary is analyzed.
Our aim for this project is tell stories using data visualizations. This will
be accomplished by developing various types of visualization to appreciate and
identify trends in data. 3 suggested visualizations, i.e. histograms, stacked
charts and barrel chart will be used primarily.



Tools and its
advantages: Tableau and power BI will be used for developing dashboards in this
project. Along with delivering dashboards and reports, it would be our
responsibility to highlight pros and cons of each tool


a.      Visualizations:

solutions provide visualizations. With Power BI you choose the
visualization first, then drag the data into it. In Tableau, you select the
data and switch between visualizations on the fly. It’s easier to jump
between visualizations in Tableau when compared to power BI


b.      Data and trends discovery:

Power BI is best suited for investigating sets
of data when businesses outgrow Excel. However, some users feel Power BI may be
sluggish when working with extremely large data sets. Tableau has an advantage
in this area due to its extensive features.



PowerBI Pro:  $9.99/user/month. User receives 10 GB of
storage. A free version of powerBI is also available which provides just 1GB of


Tableau: University edition is free with
limited features and storage for a year. Tableau professional is $70
/user/month and tableau server is $35/user per month with a 10 user minimum.



No product is perfect, below are the most
reported shortcomings:

PowerBI: Customers have reported Power BI does
not have the ability to publish reports with all associated data. This means
some data or information can be bottled out. Because Power BI is still in
development, some customers have reported issues with existing sharing features.


Tableau: Some customers have reported Tableau
has a steep learning curve for executives. Also, products are expensive
for smaller businesses.


With all this said, every tool behaves
differently in different environment. Hence it would be our responsibility to
help Arizona department of education to highlight pros and cons of both tools
during every phase of this project.

California Department of Education
Academic Performance Index (API) Report:

department of education measured the academic performance and growth of schools
on a variety of academic measures using Academic performance index. On March
15, 2017, the State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of
Education (CDE) launched a new accountability system to replace the Academic
Performance Index (API) to better measure our State’s educational goals.
California’s new accountability system is available at the new California dashboard
web page. By analyzing this dashboard page, I was able gain insights on new
techniques and features adopted by California education department. One of the
key finding was five by five placement report guideline used. I was able to
able to appreciate the use of colors to infer results. Five-by-five colored
table produced 25 results using five colors. Also, the Career Indicator
used multiple measures to provide a performance level based on the number of
students who are likely to be successful after high school













Tableau vs Power BI: Comparing Pricing, Functionality and Support

Personal Goals for BNAD 597A


During the course of this consulting project, I wish to accomplish
following goals.


Technical goals: I would also want to gain experience on how to


requirement gathering

business requirements into technical user stories

a solution from scratch

agile and scrum methodology

proficiency in both visualization tools, i.e. Tableau, Power BI

data dictionary of existing database

connectivity between database and visualization tools

stories from data

both visualization tools

Professional development goals:

WORK: To apply the things learned during business communication class on how to
effectively work in a team

develop and enhance critical thinking

collaborate and establish a bond between our team mates

be pro active

be organized

work towards the project milestone by accomplishing individual goals

understand my role and respect roles of other teammates