Book Review: Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?

Torture Review As I began to watch the Torture video I thought it was going to be a very boring speech about his life.

Even though I thought the speech would be boring I figured that it would have and influential message that allows me to see the world in a new perspective. The essential message of his speech is about the new forms of racism that we may not even consider.These new forms of racism are mainly through micro- aggressive statements that belittle or damage our self-esteem. It’s important to beware of these new forms of racism so we don’t let them take away who we are. In his speech Torture discuss how certain stereotypical assumptions could damage ourselves self-esteem and make us feel inadequate.

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He talks about how people expect certain races to behave in a certain way, and when we try to prove these assumptions wrong we get distracted and fail to see our goals.I agree the with Torture in which people don’t want to fulfill their stereotypical assumptions, however I feel that would want people to do better that do worse. When I was In high school I had a sorority of white people in my class, and I strove to be the best in my classes In order to prove there stereotypical assumptions wrong. I also disagree with Torture on how certain stereotypical assumptions could damage self-esteem since some of them are based off of rich cultural tradition that make them who they are.The other way Torture said racism may occur Is by belittling your actions based on your race. For example when Torture was talking about that man who had all of those accolades, then someone said “you’re got where you are because you’re black”.

I found that extremely circumspectly since he basically said “It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do your still Just a Niger. ” As African- Americans our stereotypical assumption Isn’t to succeed and thrive, they expect us to be bums struggling to get by.So as Africans- Americans we must rise above these stereotypes and prove we are Just as good everyone else. This Includes not tearing each other down since they don’t share your same opinions. For example when that football player told Torture “shut up Torture you’re not black”. When we say things Like that to each other we are actually rumoring those stereotypes that have placed us In a box, the thought that African- Americans should act a certain way and If we don’t we aren’t black.Overall Torture speech was quite Insightful In showing the new acts of racism today. As African- Americans we can’t let people belittle us, our actions, and we should be able to live our lives without the fear of being Judged.

Also shouldn’t Judge ourselves since when we do we are promoting the same stereotypical assumptions that were trying to get rid of. We shouldn’t let anyone define us based on stereotypical assumptions and show that we all special with our own Ideals.