Which of the following statements is NOT a highlight of the book, They Say I Say? Answer Shows that writing well means entering a conversation.

Summarizing others (“they say”) to set up one’s own argument (“l say”). 2. Demystifies academic writing, showing students “the moves that matter” in language they can readily apply. 3. Provides user-friendly templates to help writers make those moves in their own writing.

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Covers the various modes of writing like description, definition, narrative, and imprison/ contrast. 20 points Question 2 The following is NOT a template for introducing a standard view: Answer In their recent work. Y and Z have offered harsh critiques of… Conventional wisdom has It that…

At the same time that I believe…. I also believe…

4. It is often said that… 5.

Both #1 and #3 are correct. 20 points Question 3 Choose the comma splice (and therefore, the sentence that needs to be corrected).I believe that Suzuki is correct, I also believe that he has overlooked one of the key problems of environmentalism today. “It Always Costs” discusses the problems with technology today, whereas “Food Connections” discusses how we are disconnected from the source of our food.

If you expect too much, you are sure to be disappointed; if you expect too little, you may be pleasantly surprised. I have chosen to bring three things with me to Hawaii: a bathing suit, a towel, and onscreen. 0 points Question 4 What is a subordinate clause? A clause that has a subject and a verb, but cannot stand alone as a complete sentence. A clause that can stand alone as a complete sentence.

A clause with a subject but no verb. Question 5 In a summary, you need to explain: every point that the author makes, and all of the details. The main purpose and thesis of the writer’s work.

The writer’s main points, and some of the important details.