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Brief summary of the article:Facebooknews feed is enhancing the browsing experience in the world of social media tobe highly selective with the posts of friends, family and interests takingprecedence rather than news posted by other brands or pages. It also focuses onfiltering the news that is being posted from a trusted origin selected by theusers.

Due to the increasing number of posts and news that are spread withoutvalidity and relation. As the origins of the news cannot be trusted, Facebook reachedout to ask help from its users about the sources which they trust in the formof a survey. Facebook is one of the most widely usedsocial media in spreading of genuine or fake news today. The survey’s intentionis not to expose or punish the organization/individual who posts fake news butto filter the news feed according to the user interests from trusted sources.Mark’s aim is to improve and enhance the experience of users news feed withtrusted content so that the time spent on Facebook is meaningful.

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 A clear explanation of the ethical,legal, or social issue this article addresses:Themain issue which is addressed by many people is how can you find theorganizations which are trust worthy and which are not. And Facebook rely on userpolls to the post which is posted on company blog. Social media is the mainsource to spread information, so any news posted will be a sensation as itreaches vast number of people rapidly. Zack thinks it is better to preventrather than solving them after reaching audience.

A propaganda machine duringUS election have attracted people to click on, like and share to share storiesand clickbait headlines to check how fast Facebook users can spread fake news. My opinion on this issue based on thisarticle:Markis trying to improve the news feed to prioritize the posts that are to be shownon the page and this is interesting because Facebook newsfeed will be filledwith information which is relevant to the user rather than which they are notinterested in. Thus, Facebook want its users to access validated informationthan false and malicious contents. This will not reduce the information whichwe see on our news feed but will balance news from trusted sources.