Brookhaven to November 27, 2017. The art exhibition

          Brookhaven College Arts department held
the annual art exhibition featuring the work of the studio art students at Forum
Gallery located
in Bldg. F, Room F101 from November 11 to November 27, 2017. The art exhibition
was free to visit and open to the public, so anyone can attend the exhibition
and explore the beautiful work of art. This exhibition fosters professional
practices in the work of advanced fine art students to share their beautiful
artworks with the college community.

          The Studio Art Class 2 showcased the
professional art work of students in the form of ceramics, photography,
printmaking, watercolor at Forum Gallery of Brookhaven College. All the art
works were displayed on the wall, so the attendees could walk up to the designs
and observe the various uses of colors, lines, shapes and pictures. There were
also some works of ceramics which I found to be particularly interesting
because all the pieces were uniformly thin, shapely, tall, with well-fitting
lids and interesting sculptural twists.

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         This was my first time visiting an art
gallery located at my college which I found to be very interesting. All the
works of art were amazing and the more I looked those arts, the more impressed
I was; with a lot of skill and designs because all the art work were very
elaborate and neatly executed.

are a few photos that I took while visiting the art gallery that I found
particularly inspiring:


Artist: Nomaan

Title: Life Cycle

Medium: Watercolor

Source: Watercolor


          This painting
was splendid. This was the first painting I saw as I came around the corner and
told myself I’d found one of the beautiful painting I have ever seen. It was
really wonderful painting of a flower which describes moments full of light and
color.  In the painting, artist has used the color mostly
orange, red, greens, black, white and some brown as well. This is a painting
with colored pigment floating in water by mixing different colors allowing the
water to move the color on its own. Though I don’t know much about Watercolor
painting, after I saw this painting I knew that watercolor painting is an art medium
that is truest to nature and it is the most challenging an extremely interesting
medium for painting medium of all, because it requires you to master yourself.

Artist: Yoko

Title: Offering

Medium: Porcelain

Source: Ceramics


          The most interesting inclusion in the
exhibition was this piece of ceramic art that got my attention towards it. This
type of Ceramic art has its own tradition of offering because Offering bowls
are meant to be placed on the altar after a prayer has been made to the god or
goddess. We can see this type of offering bowl in early Chinese ceramics art in
which Offerings included herbs, various liquids, powders, coins, and anything
else that the individual would deem worthy as an offering to their god or
goddess. This prayer offering bowl is made up of Porcelain by using ceramic
material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin, in a kiln to
temperatures between 1,200 and 1,400 °C (2,200 and 2,600 °F).  This offering bowl looks completely vitrified,
hard, impermeable, white or artificially colored, translucent and resonant.

Artist: Diana

Title: Growth

Medium: Intaglio



my visit to the art gallery, I enjoyed many mediums including painting, colored
pencil, assemblages, pen and ink, and even digital arts. Among them one of my
favorite was this art of intaglio printmaking because I like art that draws a viewer
in close, and then provide them with an enlightening, humorous, or surreal
experience.  Though I explored different
subjects at the gallery, but I think this art made me feel awe of, and helped
me to interact with nature through the art. This type of art inspires a good
deal through the image and we can see the example of the butterfly that represents
a thing of great beauty and complete transformation of itself from a
comfortable cocoon into a radiant entity with wings which represents that we human
beings are like a beautiful butterfly waiting to be re-born and transformed.

Going to
this exhibition has opened my eyes on how
art is portrayed to the world and looking at those paintings, ceramics,
printmaking, watercolor and photography, showed
me how much art in the past has evolved and contributed to what we can do
today. Before taking this class I didn’t know much about art and didn’t know
every piece of artwork had a deep meaning and background to it. It was a
memorable experience visting the art gallery of Brookhaven college.