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Business are beginning to see benefits to keeping data secure in the cloud through an on-site solution. There are still risks to the security of cloud migrations. Organizations do everything they can to ensure the security practices for cloud providers are top notch they do not always follow the exact practices when implementing the infrastructure and applications provided to them. Businesses should focus on increasing awareness, improved training and technical controls when it comes to the prevention and correction of oversights to security.

Organizations can move securely into the cloud with the correct tools and policies.Issues with Risks that are Hardware BasedIT professionals originally used the term shadow IT to refer to hardware that was not authorized being operated in the business environment that came from personal devices that were not sanctioned to networking and switching devices that were not documented. In time the term went to mean software applications. Corporations became exposed when employees began to use tools of their own as they noticed they did not have a critical feature or they just wanted to use a solution they decided on. The tools they used did not meet official standards which brought numerous risks to the company.

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While the software shadow IT is still something being struggled with by businesses the risks with hardware are returning. The setting up of unsecured servers is causing vulnerabilities in the cloud based infrastructures being implemented even though new hardware being brought in my employees has mostly stopped. Standard security measures might not be taken because the operations team does not realize the unsecure servers exist and part of it is because of the desire to avoid difficult security controls.

Dependence on the IT department has been reduced by the ability of department leaders as well as employees ability to purchase and implement virtual machines. The understanding of security has not increased but there are also other problems. The efforts of the IT department are being duplicated which runs up costs because of the lack of a centralized structure for the management of virtual machines.