Business Essay

In this essay I will be discussing how China has become a favorite for Chinese individuals. I will also include how the Chinese has adjusted their product due to the cultural differences and how they continued to progress and still be successful now in this day and age. I will give supporting details and supporting facts to capitalize on how things were handled. Michael Strange, the president of the world famous Bassett Ice Cream, founded In 1861 attended a food-marketing seminar forPhiladelphia-area executives several years ago and he didn’t expect to do more than exchange a few business cards. But one of his new contacts, an international food broker, had ties to China and asked that Bassett to send some ice cream samples overseas.

Now with that being said he didn’t expect things to go the way they did, which was for the better and an extremely good business move. Afterward, once they started slapping the Ice cream overseas, the sales began to go up.Although, the culture in North America differs for the culture in China so Bassett had to make retain changes for the better of the business in China. Now the changed that they made were making ice cream in a flavor like green tea. Now some people in the U. S. A may not care for it, but in China it was selling.

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Also more exotic and less known in the States, such as the black sesame flavor that was suggested by James Sun, whom is a customer In China believed It would do very well In China. With that being said Michael Strange would have to have that flavor of Ice cream made until perfected.Another Chinese native, whom has adapted to the U. S culture, even suggested a steak flavored ice cream, due to the fact that she loves the way certain medium rare steaks are made in the states. Over the years, Bassett makes telecasts 2 new flavor of ice cream and takes in suggestions from their customers.

Some of those flavors include Guatemalan Ripple, Match, Macadamia Nut, Mango, Peanut Butter Cup and Pomegranate Blueberry Chunk. Those flavors were pushed out In 2010, Also In 2013 they Introduced Ice cream truffles and Ice cream cakes.Now If I were the president f Bassett Ice Cream, the flavor of ice cream I would have perfected and made for those in China would be Wassail flavored ice cream due to the fact that Chinese people love wassail. But I wouldn’t have it made to be as spicy as it it. It would be more so sweet and tangy so the spiciness and sweetness added to it would balance out. Another flavor of ice cream I would recommend would be vanilla and molasses flavored with a extremely light topping of fish eggs. But the fish eggs would be dipped in melted honey with a few dabs of surge involved in the honey.

I would only make that suggestion because of the fact that those of the Chinese culture love their seafood. For example, those who eat sushi know that certain types have fish eggs made with it as a topping. I personally believe it would be an excellent idea but I would have to run it across Michael Strange to see If he would approve It or not. Now tense two Tailor could sell very well Ana IT It 010 ay very well In sales In Canaan teen could bring it to North America and see it if it would do the same in sales also but not expect it to do as well due to the different culture and likeliness of certain flavors.But it would all be worth a try and you’ll never know how things may go unless you give it a shot. Now if sales were higher than expected then I would have it shipped to India to see how the business there would go.

Also due to the different cultures, etc. , I would have a different flavor for those in India also because with this certain type of business, when you’re being in a completely different area, you have to take in all suggestions and ideas to see what would happen and how to go about it from there.