By interest and an atmosphere of mutual trust

By considering the three distinct dimensions of social capital(structural, relational and cognitive), it can be assumed that social capitalaffect knowledge contribution and gathering by providing access to people withrelevant knowledge; providing a common interest and an atmosphere of mutualtrust and obligation for the value of others knowledge; sharing a commonability that helps in understanding other people’s knowledge and as well spot-oncorrect interpretation and assessment of all level of knowledge (Darvish & Nikbakhsh, 2010). There is increasingempirical evidence that social capital contributes significantly to sustainabledevelopment and it states that social affairs among the members of a society can be a dynamic resource where without socialcapital, society at large will collapse (Coleman, 1988).For decades however these theories and theidea of social capital has been put front as an important also a merging conceptembodying these multidisciplinary views (Capello, Caragliu, & Nijkamp, 2009). This concept has been greatly inspired by the studies of scholarssuch as James Coleman (1988) and Robert Putnam (1995). For some researchersfrom these three defined dimensions of social Capital, relational capitalcontains and grealty reflect the features of both structural and cognitivecapital where relational qualities exist under each of the category.

For example,according to the study of Camagini (2008) relational capital, relational private networks, servicesor cooperation affect cognitive features in a more direct way. They can all beseen as part of the social capital which traditionally involves a networkcomponent.Though it may be debated that a social capital exists wherever asociety exists, ‘relational’ capital may be construed as a set of bilateral,multilateral linkages that local actors have developed, both inside and outsidethe local region.

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On behalf of this reason, among all the elements mentioned inthe innovative cross (Cronin, 2016), it’s evident that relationalaspects or relational qualities strongly linked with the Cognitive dimension andtogether it gives a great evident and understanding on social capital theory.