By on creating an atmosphere of honesty and

By having a small team, the project team structure will be
cost-effective, a must in the global environment (Anantatmula, V. S. &
Thomas, M., 2008).

Create a Stable Structure

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In an atmosphere of uncertainty, project team members may become worried
about job security. This may result in talent leaving the organization for
other prospects. Managers should focus on creating an atmosphere of honesty and
faithfulness (Wilson and Doz, 2012). This is very important for job sites in
locations where competition for talent acquisition is intense (Wilson and Doz,

Have a senior experienced Project Manager

Senior Project Managers see the problems immediately due to the
experience they have (Keely Wilson and Yves Doz, 2012).

Use a strong Project Management Team and Tools

A global project requires a strong project management team who thinks
globally supported by strong tools and procedures. Companies can attain a
strong system by:

quality system across all the sites
a specialized unit in the organization for global projects. Working in
these units needs extensive travel and exposure to different parts of
world and sites, (Wilson and Doz, 2012).