By the colonies were different. The colonies had

         By the end of 1750, many things had drastically changed from the time the Europeans first established the colonies in America.

Many of the colonies defining how they were. Together, the colonies were starting to shape up and form a different culture. All the way from the top colony to the bottom colony the “American” culture began.

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The population began to increase from African American slaves, Native Americans, to Europeans. After the English takeover, the middle colonies became the most diverse and fastest-growing region in North America(p208). But, even though they all lived in the same land, they all had different societies and cultures.

In spite of everyone having their cultural variety, Jack P. Greene said they developed a “common cultural core”(p226). All of their wealth was evenly distributed which meant they all had the same items and lived in the same kind of lifestyle. Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware became known as the “best poor man’s country(p226)”.  But, an example of how there was a cultural difference between the colonies was that northern slaves tended to blend their African culture with the Euro-American culture at a faster rate than did southern slaves(p226).

 Slavery also became a very notorious characteristic of the New World. In 1750, Slavery became legal in the New World. In Georgia, slavery was essential to the plantations. Having slavery was where all colonies were similar at this time. For example, New York(all the way up north) had slaves just like Georgia(that’s all the way down south) did. This shows that New York and Georgia did have a similarity during this time.While slaves brought a bond between the colonies at this time, the political structures split them apart.

This was the section where the colonies were different. The colonies had three different kinds of political structures which included: provincial, proprietary, and charter. In a provincial structure, the king got to decide who the governor would be and they held a lot of power. The difference between a provincial and proprietary structure was that the governor in a proprietary colony was elected by a lord proprietor.

Because of that, proprietary colonies seemed to have more freedoms in comparison to the other colonies. Meanwhile, in a charter colony, the governor was elected by the men who owned property in the colony. New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia were the provincial colonies. On the other hand, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland were the proprietary colonies.

And last, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were the charter colonies.