By to a white man in Montgomery city





1968, the years f demostation and confrontations were wearing on Martin,
he was being discouraged since how long it was taking, he went to his last
crusade in thespring of 1968 where he went to a labor strike, he was shot by a
sniper and died.

Assassination And legacy

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With Victory they recognized the
need to organize their efforts, in January 1957 the The Southern Christian
Leadership conference. With the support of black churches they would be able to
conduct non-violent protests to promote reforms for civil rights. By the Year of
1960 Martin Luther King Jr. was gaining national notoriety. He and 36 other
people were arrested for refusing to leave a local department store when they
were denied lunch-counter services. The City realizing that this would hurt the
city`s reputation the charges were dropped but king was arrested for violating
his probation on a traffic conviction, during the 1960 election John f. Kennedy
called Coretta to express his concern for the harsh treatment, after this King
was soon released.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference



In March 2, 1955, a 15-year-old
girl Refused to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery city bus which
was against the local law, she was thrown In jail, The NAACP felt that they had
a excellent case but it was found the 15 year old girl named Claudette Colvin
was pregnant and they couldn’t push this since this would scandalize the deeply
religious black community`s efforts less credible. In December 1,1955 A woman
named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and was arrested and fined 10
dollars with a 4 dollar fee for her court trial which lasted about 30 minutes.
The night she was arrested E.D. Nixton met with 
Martin Luther King Jr. Martin`s first speech as the groups president he
said they have no alternative but to protest. the boycott was about 13 months
of walking to work and not taking the bust and taxis.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

In the Year of 1948 He Earned a
degree on the Subject of Sociology degree from the Morehouse College and has
also attended the Crozer Theological Seminary which is in Chester,
Pennsylvania. He thrived in all of his subjects and was elected student body
president. He became involved with a German white woman and went through hard
times of enduring his mother`s pain over the marriage before breaking up with
her 6 months later, his friends say “He Never Recovered”. During his Final year
in the seminary, he came under the guidance of the Morehouse college President
who influenced his spiritual development. While working on his doctorate, He
Met Coretta Scott, she was a aspiring singer and a musician, They Married in
June 1953 and had 4 kids, King got his PH.D. and earned his degree in 1955,
while he was only 25 years old.

Martin`s Education and Spiritual Growth







Martin Luther King Jr Was Born on
January 15, 1929, He was the Middle Child of the Michael King Sr. and also
Alberta Williams King. Their Families were rooted in The Rural Part of Georgia.
King`s Grandfather A.D. Williams, was a rural minister for years but he moved
to Atlanta in the year of 1893. he took over the Ebenezer Baptist church which
at the time was struggling and it only had 13 members in total, his only living
child was Michael King Sr. When A.D. Williams Died in 1931 his son Michael King
Sr. stepped in as the pastor of the Church. He was also a successful minister
of the church and adopted the name Martin Luther King Sr.  In the Honor of the Protestant Religious
Leader called Martin Luther which is German, His Son Michael Jr. Will do the
same and make his name to Martin Luther King Jr.

Early Childhood

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.