C. a jukebox, tablets, sign-up for weekly magazine

C. Proposed TimelineOur goal is to implement the proposed strategic plan over the course of four months, to slowly change the management strategy at Red Carpet Hair Salon. Two months after the plan has been implemented, we will return and use specific indicators to measure the plan’s effectiveness. March 2018Once a week in the month of March, a professional trainer will be hired to train the staff on customer service and customer interactions to encourage better customer experienceApril 2018In the month of April, the salon will implement the first section of it’s new customer experience management strategy; The “Before Service” improvementsThe salon will need to purchase a jukebox, tablets, sign-up for weekly magazine shipments, and begin stocking the salon with snacks and refreshments May 2018 In the month of May, the salon will implement the second section of it’s new management strategy; The “During Service” improvementsThe staff of red Carpet Hair Salon will receive guidelines on topics and questions to engage clients Chargers must be bought and charging ports must be set-up at each stationFood and refreshments must be stocked and preparedJune 2018In the month of June, the salon will implement the final sections of it’s new management strategy; The “After Service” improvementsShedul will be installed and refined into the main system All employees will be trained to use the new system in case of impromptu to coverage.Staff will be asked to familiarize with the products sold at the salon to offer proper suggestions.Lollipops and Mints will be provided at the front desk for clients.August 20192 months after all improvements of the new customer experience management system have been implemented, we will return to measure the success of the new plan by using techniques like surveys and pollsD. Proposed Metrics or Indicators to Measure Plan EffectivenessTwo months post implementation of the proposed plan, we will return and re-do the twitter poll, as well as the customer and employee surveys, to compare the results before and after the changes were made to Red Carpet’s customer experience management strategy. Also, we will use the results of the question asked to clients after their appointment (“Do you believe there is anything we could improve on?”) and observe if the clients feel there needs to be improvements after each appointment. Based on these techniques, we could measure the success and effectiveness of the plan implemented. Proposed Budget Red Carpet Hair Salons Existing BudgetExpensesMonthlyYearlyEmployee (average) salary$15,000$180,000Lease$4,500$54,000Utilities$1,200$14,400Product Purchase$700$8,400Other expenses(tax, licensing)$2,000$24,000Total$23,400$280,800MonthlyYearly Total Revenue$35,000$420,000Expenses-$23,400-$280,800Net Income$11,600$139,200Proposed Plan Budget ActionCost One Time Fee / MonthlyTotal for First Year Manager$3,083.30Monthly $37,000.00Charging Cables$75.00One Time Fee$75.00″Schedul Software”$215.00One Time Fee$215.00Product Samples$125.00Monthly$1,500.00Mints & Lollipops$20.00Monthly $240.00IP email login (for wifi)$75.00One Time Fee$75.00Decorations$250.00One Time Fee$250.00Tea and coffee$125.00Monthly $1,500.00Snacks (Cookies, muffins, etc…) $75.00Monthly$900.00Magazine Weekly Subscription$12.00Monthly $144.00Kids Books$35.00One Time Fee$35.00Jukebox$1200.00One Time Fee$1200.00Tablets (3)$300.00One Time Fee$300.00Total Cost for the First Year $43,434.00Following the proposed strategic plan and budget, it would cost Red Carpet Hair Salon $43,434 to revolutionize their customer experience. This budget may seem unreasonable, however once the importance and impact of these improvements are accounted for, it is clear that these changes are crucial to the success of Red Carpet Hair Salon. Also, the salon has a Net Income of $139,200, demonstrating that there is a large amount of savings available for this proposed plan.Additionally, these changes will drastically increase the volume of profits the salon will earn.