Cali and college athletes. Cali Sports provides high

Cali Sports aims to fuel their customersphysical and mental objectives and amplify athletic performance by providingtop quality products to help achieve this. As well as aiming to be highly competitivein our market and reaching international levels and gain loyal customersincreasing high sales and profits. We also have a team of very knowledgeablestaff that are keen to help their customers and appreciate working in anathletic environment. Cali Sports is found in Liverpool, home to many familiesthat may enjoy exercise together, an increasing health conscious community anda devoted following to both high school and college athletes. Cali Sportsprovides high quality stock such as Skis, Bicycles, Foils and Surfboards totheir customers.  Cali Sport’s mission statement is “AtCali Sports, we aim to create high quality products that strives to achieve alifelong enjoyment of sports, while emphasising a positive customer experienceand instilling the core values of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect, to bedriven and committed.

Our mission statement focuses on customer trust, staff appreciation,and at the very end of our mission statement almost embracing the mind set ofCali Sport’s more athletic customers. Our companies vision follows on from thisand states “Providing inspiration and motivation for anyone to be athlete.” AtCali Sport’s we believe that by providing high end products to our customers weare helping to drive their inner athletic self to be the best that they can be.Our vision is dynamic and drives learning and innovation as it suggests thatanyone can be an athlete.

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Bill Bowerman founder of Nike claimed, “If you have abody, you are an athlete”. We at Cali Sport’s all have this same belief andwant to back it up and provide the inspiration that may be needed to help everyoneto have this same frame of mind with the athletic equipment that we provide. Ourmission and vision both have interests of stakeholder built in such as reliablequality, value for money and good customer service. This suggesting Cali Sportscould be very profitable as customers will be receiving high end products atreasonable prices and excellent service which is another interest for differentstakeholders of the business.As a dependable company,we regard the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, andcommunity.

Corporate SocialResponsibility is vital to our vision to becoming a successful sports retailer.Our established CSR framework focuses on combining environmental, ethical,financial and legal factors to pursue our goal of reaching a worldwide leadingsorting company status. We actively seek occasions when we can give back to ourcommunity and better the environment. Economic responsibility is a bigresponsibility for Cali Sports. We aim to turn a profit from providing customerswith quality products at good prices to enforce better sales in order to be profitableand be able to take care of social responsibilities as well as being a leadingsport company. Cali Sport’s like any organisation issubject to legal responsibilities. As an organisation, we will follow the lawthat has impacts on our planning process and familiarize our self with externalfactors that govern the sporting industry. We also believe that those who invest inus know that they can depend and have trust in Cali Sports to clarify ourperformance and thinking behind it.

We are likewise dedicated to promptdisclosure of anything that could influence their interest in our organisation. Cali Sports also have a responsibilityto take control of the impact we have on the environment, we would like toreduce our carbon footprint to create a more sustainable planet for ourgeneration and every generation to come. Our employees and customers are at theheart of Cali Sports – their rights are essential to us. As an organisation, weare committed to ensuring our employees are empowered and motivated withintheir positions. We are devoted to keeping our staff inspired as we believethis is what it takes to get the best performance, we aim to continually driveour employees towards bigger and better personal developments so that they canreach their full potential.  It is vital to Cali Sports to provideexcellent customer service and ensure each and every product bought from ourstores is of the highest quality, safe for use and fit for purpose.

Weanticipate our customers’ needs by looking at things from their perspectives.We recognise that sport is essential for our customers physical and mentalhealth, and understand that it causes them a great deal of enjoyment andhappiness – we strive to ensure our products lead them towards a moresuccessful and fulfilling sporting experience.