Camping and the Love of Nature

Summer is coming. Many American families are surely planning to go on a trip to bond with their loved ones. Fortunate ones might go on a trip to another country. Some might travel hundreds of miles to be with their relatives. And many people, like me, will probably just enjoy going camping. But why do people camp even though they have to be away from their comfort at home? Simple, they want to be away from their busy lives and have some peace and quiet.

I love to go camping because I believe every human being sometimes need to just stop, self-reflect, ponder and appreciate simple things around us. It was July 2014 when I, along with my husband, my two kids, and our group of friends who were driving in a separate car went to Lotts Lake for camping. Lott’s Lake is located in the extreme western Plumas County, at the headwaters of Chips Creek, which feeds the Feather River, in what is known in the parlance of the U.S. Forest Service as the “High Lakes Region”.

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Lotts Lake’s elevation is 6000 feet. It was scary driving up there because 18 miles before the private campsite, the road gets rough, rocky, rutted and muddy. My husband and I, along with our group of friends who were following us behind had to stop once to remove a tree trunk that had fallen on the road. The fallen tree was huge and heavy.

As we got closer to our destination, the GPS and our cellphones lost their signal so we had to use walkie talkies to communicate to one another. The road was getting narrower too. My husband had to drive slowly because there were large rocks on the dirt road, and so I got the chance to observe the area. I noticed the different varieties of pine trees. Many of them are perfect for Christmas tree.

There are huge redwood trees that were making the area very shady. As I was gazing through the woods, I saw an animal that ran really fast. I started to get worried. In my mind, what if the wild animal starts to attack us or worst eat us alive. Tw…