Cancer There are various types of cancer depending

Cancer is the second predominant cause of
death after heart diseases in the United States. There are various types of
cancer depending on the affected region of the body. The most common types of
cancer are lung, colorectal, breast, prostate and cervical. Breast cancer is
the abnormal and rapid proliferation of the cells in the breast tissue (Loman
et al., 2001). The disease will lead to the formation of a lump in the breast
area of the chest. It affects both men and women though it is more common in
women. Females are 100 times more likely to develop the cancer than males

I currently reside in New York
in Westchester county; therefore, my paper will discuss several breast cancer
groups readily available for cancer patients seeking support in this area.
First and foremost, I would like to mention White Plains Hospital Cancer Center
because I have worked at this facility for over four years. They offer
comprehensive services to patients, such as medical oncology, surgical
oncology, chemotherapy and biotherapy, radiation oncology, genetic counseling,
diagnostics, and complementary and supportive services.

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WPH Cancer Center offers
diagnostic services, treatments, patient resources are available for all types
of cancer. What I find most helpful are their survivorship programs because
they offer patients such joy after their experiences. This includes nutrition
consults, exercise classes to keep patients active as well as yoga and
meditation, narrative writing, so people can express their thoughts and
feelings about their entire experience; hair and makeup lessons, and pet
therapy. Their overall goal is to ensure attention to all aspects of their
being – mind, body, and spirit because this is essential to health and
wellness. For instance, acupuncture, aromatherapy – (lavender is my favorite),
guided imagery, and healing touch.

 There are many different public service announcements regarding the
topic of breast cancer. Public service announcements regarding breast cancer
are put into action to entertain but also raising awareness about preventable
cancers. October is referred to as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. National
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a chance to raise awareness about the
importance of early detection of breast cancer (U.S. Department of Health and


The Montefiore Einstein
Center for Cancer Care is another option available that provides diagnosis and
treatment of all types and stages of cancer. Each patient receives an
individualized treatment plan coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of cancer
specialists, radiologists and oncology surgeons. They also are involved in stem
cell transplant, immunotherapy,


  Westchester county also offers several support
groups that are facilitated by a licensed mental health professional, which
provide ongoing emotional and social support for adults impacted by cancer.
Inside this group there are several connections to others listed below: breast
cancer group, gynecological group, men’s group-for men with any type of cancer,
multiple myeloma group, next steps bereavement group-for adults who are
entering the next stage in their grieving process. Most members experienced
their loss over a year ago, post treatment group, young women with breast
cancer support- A monthly group for young women who have had a breast cancer

In addition, spirituality
can be defined as that which gives meaning, connection, and purpose in life.
Both religion and spirituality are related to a search for sacred/ awesome/
meaningful. For some, spirituality is found within religion, and for others it
is not. This is a subject that cannot be ignored because cancer patients go
through a tough experience. It is important to remind our patients to attend
spirituality groups in their community because it offers the opportunity to
explore the potential role of spirituality and how it can bring meaning,
comfort and connection


detection of the breast cancer saves lives and can also be used to prevent
other cancers from developing. The early diagnosis can save the nation billions
of shillings spent annually on health to buy medicines for the cancer patients
(Dey, 2014). The early detection of the disease will prompt rapid reception of
treatment, with the prognosis being an extended life or complete elimination of
the cancer.

It can be concluded that the early diagnosis
of the disease is a central concept that should be undertaken to reduce
mortality. Cancer is on the rise, and the only weapon that can be used against
it successfully is the early detection. Family history is a strong predisposing
factor after age, and hence it should be considered when identifying possible victims
of the disease. Women with relatives that have been diagnosed with the
condition should receive regular screening to detect the disease in its early
settings. This can curb the disease and prevent it from occurring at the
initial stages. The government and relevant bodies should aid in creating
awareness for this phenomenon to reduce the number of female patients who die
from breast cancer.