Cancer this will guarantee to opt for the

Cancer is a malignant cell growth that occurs as a result of an uncontrolled development of abnormal or defective cells, also called aplasics, which tend to infiltrate, spread and metastasize, or invade other tissues, surrounding or distant from the organism in which they are found.                                                                                                                                                

symptomatology of breast cancer is variable, usually, when the tumor is small
and the detection is early we can treat it more easily, so it is of vital
importance an early detection. Sometimes these lesions are not defined, breast
cancer can spread to the lymph nodes of the armpits. As we have already
commented, the signs and symptoms are depending on the type of cancer, but it
is common in some cases to have swelling or redness of the skin or some
abnormality in the nipples, some symptoms as a bloody discharge, erosion or
retraction of the nipple can be a serious sign and the case should be evaluated
by a doctor as soon as possible.

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Breast cancer is usually detected during a routine
examination that the patient should be done by himself, in many cases, this
early detection avoids a high degree in the development of this type of
disease. When cancer is suspected, a microscopic analysis of the breast tissue
is necessary for the confirmation of the diagnosis, it must be determined that
the grade or stage, this will guarantee to opt for the best treatment options.
The most commonly used techniques for sample collection is needle aspiration
biopsy or a surgical incision. (1)

It can be extremely difficult for people
diagnosed with cancer, both they and their loved ones suffer physically and
emotionally, but thanks to the support groups, the pain can be minimized, each
case is independent but the benefits are focused on improving the quality of
life of the patients and the possibilities of survival. In each community,
there must be a local office but we have to show our patients that there are
telephone support groups available.



The American Society Against Cancer Free or Reduced Cost – TX, OK cost
free or reduced cost

Cancer Resource Center of the American Cancer Society at the Texas Health
Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center, Free or Reduced Price, at
Medical City Dallas Hospital

Free or reduced cost Cancer Resource Center of the American Cancer
Society at Parkland Health & Hospital System

American Society against Free or Reduced Cost Cancer – Dallas

Health education American Cancer Society / Pewaukee

Look Good Feel Better Program American Cancer Society – Dallas

Road to Recovery American Cancer Society – Texas

Reaching Recovery American Cancer Society – Texas

Medical equipment and supplies: free or
reduced cost-sharing Life Community Outreach


The organizations mentioned above have
special programs to relieve patients’ costs, teach them to live with their
illness and help patients obtain the supplies they need for their recovery. (2)


The resource
center provides patients with cancer and those affected by cancer with
information, educational materials, resource references and gift items. We know
that chemotherapy could cause many physical and psychological problems, these
programs try to cover these needs, and gift items such as hats, turbans, wigs
are available for these patients. In most cases, these items are distributed
free of charge.

It is not enough
just to provide some articles, these programs teach their patients to live with
their illness, they teach to accept reality, how to manage the symptoms caused
by the aggressive treatments that are used in most cases. On many occasions,
different organizations come together for the benefit of patients. Sharing Life
Community Outreach partners with Comfort Keepers and helps collect and
distribute unused medical equipment to those in need. There are no cost or use
restrictions for future patients, the only requirement is that patients who
will benefit from this equipment must demonstrate their financial need. There
is never discrimination in the distribution of these articles. It does not
matter how old the patient is, the race or religion. There are direct telephone
lines for the collection of these articles. (3)