Capstone Introduction to Security

In my own words I think in any target environment security should know the ins and outs of which they are hired to protect, and the ongoing actions that occur on a daily basic. Because if I was security in a target environment I would not like surprise, but we all know that surprises comes with the territory of being in any type of security field line of work.

As security officers you need a plan in place to deal with certain issues that comes tit the Job, plus you need to know the rules and regulation of the target environment in which you are hired to protect, by using your own Judge of character, read the workplace manual in which your employer should supply for your personal uses.I think it can be a drawback for a security officer who only has one type of environment skill and I also thinks it’s not let me explain, because if you take a armored car messenger for an example if you take him and put him in a bank security environment he will do fine because it’s a similar environment he Is use to but on a slower level.But you could take a security officer who protect empty parking lots and put them in the armored car messenger’s Job without training them that want happen.

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In my personal a opinion is that security officers shouldn’t get use to one type of target environment I think they should explore all types of avenues and train, and practices all new drills and explore new material that comes with the territory.