Case Study

When Fischer finally does meet his mother years later, in her pitiful circumstances, he feels nothing but pity for her. He goes into meeting his estranged mother expecting to be angry and full of hate for her, but ends up feeling sorry for her. Instead of yelling he sits down with her and talks about his life, all the while she does not say a word to him. He explains how when he was just a little boy that he hoped she would be right around the corner waiting for him and how he hoped one day he would see her again and they would be the happy family he always wanted.

He then goes on to say that one day he came to the conclusion that she was never coming back to him and that he accepted it. Fischer goes even further to say that he went from being a sad boy to a good man and that he has never had any trouble like his circumstances would expect. He tells his mother that he went into the army and is now doing well. Concluding his speech he gives his mother a kiss on her temple and says his final good-bye. But what Fischer did not see was his mother crying as her son left the room of her small apartment.

Having watched the entire movie and then just sousing on the scene with Fischer and his mother I feel like I understand Fischer better. I also somewhat understand where Fischer is coming from because of some of the people in my family. But when asked the question would rewrite the scene with Fischer, would have to say no. Would probably do exactly what he did. I would give my mother a chance, even after everything she did wrong, especially if needed the same type of closure that Fischer needed. Within my own mind, I do feel that once I realize I do not need someone in my life, do not feel any remorse for letting them go once and for all.

For me, giving someone a first chance at all is a big deal and if you blow that chance, you blew everything else. I realized watching the movie that though Fischer carried so much anger, seeing his mother in the same state she was in all those years ago, that his anger really meant nothing and that is was just a burden keeping him from moving on. I think him seeing his mother again was a way of finally closing that door and really starting his life from scratch. In my family, my uncle has abandoned his family and has trouble with drugs and struggles with alcohol addiction and we never see him.

It is on rare occasion, maybe once or twice a year, we hear from him. It is harder on my cousins because that is their father and he has yet to be there for them and their mother at all. Though the experience is second hand for me, at family gatherings when we discuss other family members he inevitably comes up and the room grows quiet. Though my cousins are hurt by his lack of presence in their lives they do not feel any resentment towards him. After talking to one of my cousins she feels like since he was not there for a majority of her life in the first place she does not expect him to be there for he rest of it.

She feels no type of anger with him, but does actually feel sorry for him because he is somewhere on the west coast alone and has to live without his family. Taking in everything the “Baby’s of HTH kcal Decision Making’, I think Fischer made the right decision in going to see his mom and then deciding not to see her again if he could help it. Feel like he felt as if seeing her again would not do anything to help him in the future, but seeing her initially forced him to just let go of all the anger he was harboring and that all he needed was Some form Of closure.