Case was Sakham Trivedi had face hard time

Case 1: One Gurgaon based Engineer whose name was Sakham Trivedi had face hard time choosing the board of examination for this nine-year-old son. His choice was limited between Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). After lot of study and calculation he decided to choose CBSE for his son. And the main reason for his choice was because he is an engineer and he have a transferable job. So, he thought to choose CBSE because in case of changing cities his son will not face any difficulties to cope up with the studies as the text books, curriculum, way of teaching is same in every state and every CBSE school. So, for now it his best decision.  Initially he and his son were very happy with the quality teaching and standard of the school but later he felt the curriculum in this board is very rigid which doesn’t allow his child to think freely and explore the things he want which is stressful o his son. So, this force Sakham to change his decision and enroll in ISCE board which was his next option. Here too he did his own research and he came to a conclusion that this board allow students to think freely and independently which develop more aptitude quality in a child.  Finally, Akul his son was shifted to ISCE board. After few months, he noticed Akul was happy with his school and the way of teaching. He was excited about choosing different subject as a specialization. The board gave him the freedom to think and build his own opinion. Looking to all this Sakham realized after all research work his first choice of board was wrong. The choosing of board should be purely based on student interest rather than parent convenience. Presently Akhul is happy with his board and studies but this raise few questions to the parents when it comes to choosing of the board and they are:

o   So, do the parents have knowledge to choose boards?

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o   On what basis, did they choose it?

o   Do they categories their choosing on basis of advantage and disadvantage, need and importance of the board?

o   Or is it like that the parents choose the board as they find their neighbor, colleague Childs are on which board.   

o   Or really do they have any distinction or particular reason for choosing any of the board?

o   And Finally, are they really satisfied with the results of choosing the board?