Cassandra other fitness models, because she works as

CassandraMartin (Also known as) Cass Martin has gained a huge popularity because of herheavy workout effort and builder body. As her husband is the personalinstructor, she is able to make this amazing physique and has gained hugepopularity over a small period of time through instagram and other socialsites.Cass Martin’shard work out and healthy diet shows how much fitness craze and thirst is therein her. Her popularity is increasing day by day through his followers whichleads and encourages other women to build heavy builder bodies like her.BIOGRAPHY:Works as a Constructor:                                    Cass Martin is also different fromother fitness models, because she works as a construction worker being a fulltime fitness freak. She has no problem in getting her hands dirty or workinghard as a constructor. She and her Husband “Hunter” takes contract from thehomes that need work and fix them up.

Cass wasn’t a fitness freak from herearly age but in her teenage she was interested in sports and other hobbieswhich usually boys prefer so after graduating, Cass and her boyfriend worked asa full time contruction worker.Who Inspired Cass:                                    Cass had some knowledge of fitnessworld because of her husband “Hunter”. Although after seeing the famous Femalebodybuilder “Jamie Eason” on a magazine cover, Cass decided to build a powerfulphysique. Cass first time saw a female bodybuilder like this amazing body andthen decided to start bodybuilding at a upper level. Cass decided to build herbody in according with the physique of her inspiration and that she startedbodybuilding in the gym at the age of 23.

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Cass Martinis more likely a self motivated person too. She always wanted to make herbetter physically and mentally. Cass is also inspired by his husband “Hunter”.Her reason for hard work is truly her husband which always motivated her inmaking her a fitness model.

 Heavy Weight Lifting:                                    Cass started her training at the gymat a beginner level until she saw some intense workouts of the legends of thissport. After watching the videos of “Ronnie Coleman” doing heavy workouts ingym, Cass decided to lift heavy weights and make her physique more powerful.Motivation ofMr. Olympia legend leads Cass to increase the weights of her lifts.

Cassdecided to build her dream physique and this was the point where she starteddoing heavy weight lifting to succeed her mission.Fitness Journey:                             After some months of heavy lifting, Cass’thirst for heavy workout and bodybuilding was on peak now, she had now wentcrazy for bodybuilding and working out. Cass followed the struggle of otherfemale models on different social media mediums. She looked on their way tosuccess and gets motivation from there aswell which leads her to work hard moreand more.

Aftertraining hard for almost a year or more, Cass succeeded to built the dreamphysique of her which she always wanted and then it just look no longer forCass to get known for her amazing body builder physique.Social Media Popularity:                                    In the early 2016, Cass showed up onsocial media sensation “Instagram” and started posting her workout pictures andvideos thinking that it may inspire others to build an amazing physique likeher. However, A mesmerized welcome was given to her by followers, she startedto gain popularity over a short period of time and getting daily new followers.

Everyone was loving her muscular and powerful body and that too being a girl.At the end of2016, Cass had a sea of followers which she hadn’t imagined. She was nowwithout any doubt the biggest female bodybuilding sensation/model of thefitness world.TRAINING: Casstrains herself 6 days a week with intense workout and increasing the weights inorder to get more strong. Cass is a hard working lady and never gets tired orlazy in doing reps. If she fails to get the desired reps of a set then shecover it by doing more reps in other session of that set so that it can coverthe entire set of workout. Nutrition:Cass alwaystakes care of her diet and eats healthy only.

She takes 6 meals in a day tokeep her body strong and stamina high. Although, Cass has already decided herdiet and she runs according to it eating fresh green vegetables and carbs.*Cutting dietis done to cut the unwanted bodyfat and be in shape again*.Cassandra does this diet to make sure that she remains fit and healthy, afterall she is a fitness freak.SelfMade Supplement:We know Cassmartin as a hard working fitness freak who takes supplements on a regular basisbut do you know Cassandra Martin has also taken out her own brand ofsupplements named “WRKETHIK Supplements”.

Her idea behind introducing his ownsupplement brand is that she thinks that work hard always prevails. Cass’supplement brand has launched two incredible products;1.    HARDWORK (Pre-Workout)2.

    BREAKTHE MOLD (Intra-Workout)And she stillbelieves to continue developing more effective products in the future.Struggleof Cass Martin Shows:Cass Martin’s struggle of a heavy and intenseworkout being a girl is quite remarkable. Cass has straight forwardly sent amessage to everyone that u don’t want have to be a man to fullfil your dreamsand this sport is not just for man.

Always make that one idea about life andthink of it, dream of it and then live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles,nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave everyother idea alone. This is the way to success. And after looking at the struggleof Cass Martin we all are now fully aware of what hard work and extreme commitmentpays off.