Cbe citation style

The CBE citation style which is short for Council of Biology Editors is now more popularly known as the CSE (Council of Science Editors). This style of referencing is commonly used by chemists, scientist and biologists in order to provide citations in their research papers and journals. This citation helps in providing the proper sources of information that is used in the text by the author, particularly at the end of the paper. In CBE referencing the journals names are written as abbreviations.

There are three main versions of documentation in this format which include citation-name, citation-sequence and name-year. In the CBE form of referencing the works that are cited at the end of the paper are usually referred as the Cited References whereas there are also Additional References for consultations. This scientific form of referencing is used mainly by biologists and scientists. If the citation-name version is being applied then the references are sequenced alphabetically in order, these references are then given a number and that number is used for reference. In name-year system, the author’s name is present in the text while date is provided in brackets. In citation-sequence style the cited sources are given numbers when they appear in the text for the first time.

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The Council of Biology Editors was established in 1957 by two main organizations which are National Science Foundation and American Institute of Biological Sciences. In the year 2000, month of January, the name was changed to Council of Science Editors, owing to the expansion of this council. The members that are present in this council usually are editors or of editorial profession basically in the United States. Every year an annual meeting is held by the CSE which allow people to take short courses on various topics like publications, journals, editing o manuscripts, metrics and others. They also provide advisory services online. It is a widely used style of referencing and it is to be taken care of the scientific papers or journals follow this form of referencing and citation in order to stick to the correct format of writing such papers.

There are a lot of different styles and formats for citation and all of them have something unique about them. They all can be used to cite research material but they all have some good and some not so great things about them. Out of the different formats of citation, CBE is basically reserved for biological and scientific journals and papers. Other formats like Harvard, MLA, and APA etc have a different approach to them unlike the name-year or citation sequence approach that CBE follows.

In the CBE or the CSE format, the writer has to make sure to identify all the sources of information that are present in the paper and then make sure to cite the complete information of those references at the end of the journal or the research paper. There are literally hundreds of different referencing styles from which to choose when you are citing the sources of your research material. Different academic disciplines have differing priorities of what is important to the subsequent reader of an academic paper, and different publishing houses have differing rules about the citation of sources.

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