Census know what areas will bring the most

Census does a survey’s every five years.
It is now 2018, and it’s that time again. Census keeps track of the population,
business stats, diversity etc. Some of the reasons businesses use census is for
marketing, product information, and human resource development. This is how
businesses know their competition, product performance, and their all-around
sales. Naics known as North American industry classification system is a system
that categorizes businesses for the economy. Naics is used by both the business
and the government. The government uses naics codes to keep up with stats that
bring a company the most money. I viewed some quick fact for Halifax County and
I see that in July 1, 2016 Halifax county population was 51,766, Roanoke Rapids
population was 15,171, and North Carolina population was 10,146,788. I also
noticed that from 2012- 2016 high school graduates or higher was 78.8% and bachelor
degrees or higher was 13.4%. When I first looked at the population clock U.S.
population clock it was 327,028,319 and when I went back to look it was up to
327,052,330 and steady moving. I really couldn’t keep up with the world
population it was moving so fast. I had never seen the population clock before,
but it’s amazing. The U.S population is expanding very fast. Businesses use
population information, to know what areas will bring the most business. If you
have more people, that’s more money. According to the tax foundation the impact
of personal taxes will decrease over the next decades but may increase for businesses.
Technology is taking over. I feel that businesses won’t need human employees
anymore. Everything will be mobile, virtual, and automated. Some businesses
already have self-checkouts. Self-checkouts don’t need but one person watching
over six registers. In Ian Bremmer’s articles he stated that jobs will fade out
and become computer jobs. We need to be trying to figure out what are the jobs
of the future, because our jobs may play out.  Technology may become a threat in the future.


















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