Chanel , it changes when the month changes

Chanel Miles – Harris Period : 3 Senior Project    Introducing The United Kingdom The UK is commonly known as the United Kingdom . The  United  Kingdom  is  located  off  the  NorthWestern coast of Mainland Europe . United Kingdom  is  mostly  made  of  Great  Britain  &  Great  Britain  is  England ,  Wales  , and Scotland  which  is  in  the  North  of  Ireland , they have they have there distant and different culture and they all have a feel of there own . England is traditionally the dominant nation within the UK with over 80% of the share of the total population . The capital of the UK is London. London is the largest city in the United Kingdom .The currency  is  pound  sterling. The  Climate  there  is  okay  but,  the  average  temperature  is  35  degrees ,  it  changes  when  the  month  changes  &  the  temperature  goes  up  but ,   it  mostly  goes  down  in  the  summer  it’s  32  degrees  at  the  most  and  in  the  winter  it’s  freezing .  The longest  River is  River  Seven . The  language  spoken  is  English  but  in  Scotland  it’s  English  and  Scots  and  in  Wales  it’s  English  and Weish .The UK is known as the union flag or union jack . It’s a symbol of administrative unification of the countries of the United Kingdom. The  religion  is  very  difficult  in  the  UK , 59%  of  the  people  are  Christian , 4.4%  is  Muslim , 1.3  is  Hindu  and  the  rest  is  not  religious  at  all , the religion there is not the best but at least some people are religious  . . The  population  there  is  65,630,000  which  means  it’s a  lot  of  people  there .  The  people  in  the  UK  is  mostly  white   people  but  it  is  some  mixed  people  but  the  asians  have  the  smallest  amount  of  people  there .  A  lot  of  people  move  to  the  UK  because , of  the  fun  things  to  do  and  enjoy  such  as  the  London  eye  is  a  giant  ferris  wheel  in  London on  the  South  Bank of  River  Thames  &  the  height  is  about  443  feet  also  its  the  world’s  tallest  ferris wheel ( also its the most popular thing in london) The  London  Eye  can  carry  about  800  people  at  a  time .  Big  Ben  is  a  huge tower ,it is the Great bell of the clock at the nort end of palace on west minister in London .  Tower  of London  is  a   Royal   Palace  . Buckingham  Palace  is  a  palace  that  is  the  headquarters  of the  monarchy  &   people  go  there  to  join  together .  Some more activities is museums and beautiful palaces .  Also the tour they go on is so cool like the warner brothers tour ,  the strawberry tours and the thames rocket . Those  were  just some  places  people go  for  enjoyment  &  activities  you  could  do  but  the  major  cities in  the UK  are Birmingham  ,  Liverpool  ,  Manchester in England  ,  Belfast  and  Londonderry ,  again  these are  just  a  few  because  there  are  so  many  . A cool thing  that  happens  in  the  UK  is  if  you  reach  your  100th  birthday  you  get   a  personal  card  from  the  queen  . The UK has a range international sports  teams  like  football  ,  rugby  ,  cricket  ,  netball  ,  darts  ,  golf  ,  tennis  ,  table tennis  ,  squash  ,  bowls  , hockey  and  finally  boxing  . They  have  almost  every  sport  but  the  most  popular  &  the  most  played  is  football ( soccer)  ,  some  people  are  famous  from  playing  football .An  for  the  ladies  that  love  shopping  such  as  myself  , UK  has  beautiful  stores  with  cute  clothes  , the  stores  are  liberty  ,  Burberry  ,  belstaff ,  Dover street market  ,  fortnum  and  mason  , marches  fashion  ,  Harrods  ,  Browns  ,  selfridges  and  Paul Smith  these  are  some  of  the  popular  stores  that  females  shop .  Shopping   is   something   popular   that   women  do  and  the  UK   have   amazing   stores  so  that  would  be  a  great  place  to  take  a  women .  The United Kingdom was found in 1563. The UK has a background story on how each the countries formed the UK . Wales was joined with the England due to the Acts of Union in 1536 , and that’s why they say that’s the date that the UK was founded . I’m 1600 that’s when Ireland came  along , and they joined through the Acts of union also . Nine countries from Ireland was still apart of the UK so that’s why they got the name The UK of Northern Ireland . Then in the 20th century they were officially apart of the UK. In the UK , the prime minister leads the government with the support of  the cabinet and ministers . Also the head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II .The UK has a lot of wars they went through they had ” The Wars of the Three Kings ” , ” The English Civil War ” , ” Battle of Agincourt ” , ” Wars of Scottish Independence ” , ” Third English civil war ” , ” Cromwelliam conquest of Ireland ” , ” First Anglo Dutch war ” and finally the ” First Anglo Dutch war ” . The first prime minister of the UK was Sir Robert Walepole . He served twice as the prime minister of the United Kingdom . He was the prime minister from 1721 – 1742 . He was chancellor of the exchequer for about the same time . They had a lot of inventions that they invented such as the magnifying glass in 1250 . The person who invented that his name was Roger Bacon. Another cool invention is the telephone that was invented in 1876 and the person was Alexander Graham Bell. The important invention to me was the television which was invented in 1926 and the inventor was John logie Baird . Those were just some achievements that I thought were the most important . The UK has some key events that were really important like in 1914 , world war 1 outbreak , UK hostilities against Germany . Also another important event was in 2005 when London had about 52 people died and 700 were injured because of a bomb . A lot of people were really hurt & place were destroyed. Fun  Fact  :  Another  cool  thing  is  the  cars  are  so  cute  .  The  cars  are  mostly  small . They  also  drive  on  the  left  side  of  the  road  .Fun Fact :  England has the oldest Zoo in the world .Fun Fact : The Union Jack or union flag is the national flag of the UK. It consists of a symmetric Red Cross on a white field with the union flag in the canton .My  First  exciting  thing  about  the  UK  is  Food .  I  would   love   the   food  because  I  love  to  eat  their  popular dish is  fish  and  chips  which  is  my favorite . British  people  have  been  eating  fish  &  chips  since  the  19th  century .  They  have  a  lot  of  different  foods  like  different  flavor  stews  ,  sauces  ,   lamb  ,  Chinese  ,  pizza .  England  is  known  for  their  island  cuisine .  The  best  UK  comfort  food  is  the  roast  dinners  and  I’m pretty  sure  it’s  great .  For  the  beverages  part  in  England  they  are  huge  tea drinkers and  the  most  popular  teas  are  oolong  ,  earl grey tea  ,  Darjeeling  ,  the  breakfast  tea  and  finally  green tea .   The  best  desserts  are so  good  looking  that  I  wanna  try  all  them  like  the  orange  fool  &  mulava  pudding . The  food  is  pretty  normal  foods  not  much  sure  it’s  great .  Children  over  the  age  of  5  are  allowed  to  drink  alcohol .  The  best  desserts  are  so  good  looking  that  I  wanna  try  all  them  like  the  orange  fool  &  mulava  pudding .  The  food  is  pretty  normal  foods  not  much   changes  and  the  drinks  are  to.The UK has a totally different arrangement on how they do there education compared to the US . They  have  4 groups  of  different  levels  depending  on  your  age  .  You  can  start  at  5  years  old  and  it  ends  at  the age  of  16  years  old  .  It’s  different  levels  of  work  in  the  UK  ,  and  the  levels  get  harder  and  harder as  you  get  older  .  The  different  groups  are  Primary  education  ( 5-7)  the  primary  stage  just introduces  you  to  what  your  going  to  be  doing  .   Secondary  education  ( 7-11)  is  just  a  more work  maybe  a  little  harder .  Further  education  ( 11 – 14)  if  you  don’t  want  to  take  the  Further group  you  don’t  have  to  you  can  move  to  something  else  but  if   you   plan  on  going  to  college  you have  to .   An  the  last  one  is  Higher  Education  ( 14 – 16)  this  is  the  most  important  group  out  of all  the  groups  &  doing  the  higher  education  you  will  enter  the  most  highest  education in  the  UK  . In the UK most of the school or funded by the government .  All boys & girl must attend full time time education until they turn 16 years old . In England and Wales there education is between the ages  5- 18 . I absolutely love the United Kingdom for the simple fact of it’s so unique & different from  the unique .  The UK is like a beautiful place to visit .  To  start  it  off  the  food  is  great and  i love fish and chips . I  love  seeing  what people do  in  different  places  and see how they do things .  This was a great thing to do so i could learn more about the country . I know I would enjoy myself if I were to go there and venture there . this couThe Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica. “Act of Union.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 3 June 2016, ntry .