Chapter 17-19 questions

How does weather and climate differ?
Weather-events occurring now;climate-weather that occurs year long.
List the items found in the atmosphere along with its percentage?
Nitrogen-78% Oxygen-21% other gases-2%
Explain the difference between primary pollutants and secondary pollutants. Give examples of each.
Primary pollutant-pollutants that enter the atmosphere from a visible source, secondary pollutant-pollutants that enter the atmosphere through other methods.
Where is ozone found? What is its purpose?
Ozone is in the stratosphere-purpose is to lock in heat.
What happens to pressure and temperature as you increase in altitude?
Pressure and temperature decreases.
Explain the differences between rotation and revolution?
Rotation-spinning on its axis(day and night)and revolution-revolving around a body(365.25days).
List the layers of the atmosphere in order from the earth’s surface upward?
Explain dfference