Chapter Agatha’s House. Lord Henry thinks about what

Chapter 3This chapter starts off by Lord Henry going to see his uncle. He goes to see his Uncle George because he wants to find out more about Dorian and who he is. We found out that Dorian is the grandson of Lord Kelso who is a friend of Uncle George’s. Dorians mothers was Lady Devereux who was known for her beauty and she married and fell in love with someone who was not the same status as hers. He was apparently killed during a duel. Uncle George believes that he was left a lot of money and is very rich. They start talking about a guy named Dartmoor who is engaged to another man who is American. Lord Henry leaves and goes to lunch at Aunt Agatha’s House. Lord Henry thinks about what happened to dorians parents and how sad it is and that’s when he decides that he wants to change how Dorian sees the world just like he did for Basil. He seems to be a bit in love with Dorian. As he is day dreaming about Dorian he passes his aunts house and he’s late and she gets mad out him for being late and she yells at him. Aunt Agatha has a lot of rich people over for lunch, including Dorian. They talk about the American and Dartmoor and about America and American women and how interesting they are. Like usual Lord Henry gets everyone’s attention with his big ideas and everyone is hangin on to each word. Lunch ends and Lord Henry is told by Mr Erskine that he should write a book and he has been invited to house sometime. Dorian is meant to see basil again but he blows him off so he can be with Lord Henry and listen to him talk to more and they go to the park. Chapter 4A month later Dorian is at Lord Henry’s house waiting for him to return. Dorian meets his wife Victoria who is quite rude and shallow. She is nothing like her husband, dresses up al the time and ends look ridiculous. Lord Henry comes in just before his wife can do anything and Lord Henry tells Dorian to never get married. Dorian says he’s never getting married anyway because he is in love and Lord Henry of course wants to know all about it. Dorian is in love with an actress named Sibyl Vane and he says that she is really smart but Lord Henry says women can’t be smart. Dorian continues talking about Sibyl and about how they met three weeks ago. He says it’s because of Lord Henry and how he talked about how many different walks of life there are in the city and so Dorian was walking around where he saw a little theater where he goes inside after talking to a Jewish man which he says some interesting things about him. Lord Henry tells him he is to young to know what true love is because Dorian thinks what he saw was the best romance of his life. Lord Henry thinks that loving one person is boring and he thinks that too for Dorian. He saw the play Romeo and Juliet and all the actors are horrible except for Juliet who is extremely beautiful to Dorian and is has fallen head over heels for her. She is young, 17 but Dorian is in love with her and he talks about her voice gives Lord Henry’s some competition. Dorian is obsessed with her and how much she has changed his view of life, says it’s great to be in love with an actress and Lord Henry doesn’t seem to impressed but this whole ordeal. He even talks down to Dorian about it and thinking it’s a silly thing. Dorian is very upset by how Lord Henry talked about her and that she is very special but Lord Henry brushes off his friends argument. Dorian continues telling the story and how the ,anager tried to get Dorian to come back stage and meet Sibyl but he said no. Dorian goes back again the next night and for several nights after and then he finally has enough courage to go meet her. Sibyl is a sweet child who doesn’t see her own talent but she also falls head over heels for Dorian and he is her Prince Charming. Ever since their meeting, Dorian has gone to see Sibyl and Lord Henry says that’s why he hasn’t been paying him any attention (getting jealous). Lord Henry asks Dorian to dinner but Dorian says he has to go see Sibyl and then Dorian gets all excited about seeing her and Lord Henry sees that something has really changed in him. Dorian invites Lord Henry and Basil to see her in the play and he tells them about his plan to get out of the old theater and into one the nice ones on the West End. They have dinner and Dorian finds Basil very boring. Dorian rushes to the theater and Lord Henry goes home and he starts thinking about Dorian and how he made Dorian the man he is now. He talks about his experiment of Dorian and he sees Dorian as a thing and not really a person. Lord Henry gets ready to leave and still thinks about Dorian and how his life will end and when he gets home, he gets news that Dorian and Sibyl are going to get married.