Chapter blood. I am thinking the gun was

Chapter 13One of us was known as endlessly repeated.  They sat eating and thinking for hours.

  There are only five people left on Indian Island.  Wargrave is not moving and his eyes are bloodshot.  Vera was huddled in a chair.  Armstrong was very nervous, he was smoking a lot.  The rest joined lunch and thought.Judgment day is happening right now, “Wake up” someone said.

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  He is worried, he is going insane.  They all jumped up and drank tea and whiskey.  They lit candles for light.  The electric engine for the light would not work.  Some someone suggested to turn it on.

At 6:20 Vera sat there for a little bit longer.  Soom she wanted to take a bath.  Vira started thinking. Then she thought of something about Hugo. She thought about how he could be rich.

  The rest are talking among themselves.  Then as a subject changer, Vera said where is the Judge.  Now everybody was asking where is the Judge, but the were unable to find the Judge but they did find the body Wargrave.Chapter 14The people are sitting and thinking who is next while they enjoy Cow tongue.  They wonder who is going to get killed next because no one wants to die.

  Now they are wondering how Wargrave was killed and by who.  It does not make any sense how it happened. No one heard a gunshot, but they saw blood.  I am thinking the gun was planted there by someone.  Maybe Wargrave is not dead.Blore is nervous, he is looking around the room.

  His eyes are bloodshot.  He does not have any intention to sleep.  He is thinking the menace was coming. He said I am not going to die, He said I will live.Armstrong is gone.  They all talk among themselves.  Armstrong’s soap, sponge, and clothes were wet.

  Armstrong was found. He was bending over to get something and he was hit on the head with a chopper.Chapter 15Three people sat eating in the kitchen.  They were thinking danger was yet to come.  They tried to attract helicopters with mirrors and SOS signs.  They were going to make a bonfire to attract people but there was not a lot to burn.  Maybe someone would think it is a party.

  Vera said we should try Morris Code.  Maybe someone knows how to read it.Blore, Lombard, and Vera started fighting about the revolver and who was the owner.

  Then Vera added in “you guys are acting like idiots.  They found a clue in the nursery rhyme. Armstrong is not dead.  He just took the china away to make you think he was dead.

  But Wargrave is missing. The revolver was not found either.Lombard is talking to Vera.  Lombard said what will we do when night comes.  Lombard got mad at Vera.  You haven’t thought of that yet.  They saw someone’s clothes, and they go look.  They look closer it is not clothes.

  It is Armstrong .  He is dead, he had drowned.Chapter 16They were in complete shock.

  Was it Vera, or was it Lombard.  Only one of them. Poor Dr. Armstrong Vera said.  They both know where each other are, one of them might go missing at night.  One will be awake when the other is sleeping.

  Hopefully they will live.Vera pickpocketed Lombard.  She is pointing the revolver at him.  Lombard said give the revolver here.  Vera said no.

  Vera was going to shoot him.  Lombard kept repeating give me the gun.  But Vera kept saying no.Vera finally put the gun down.  Lombard is dead.  Vera is the on Indian left.

  Hugo was upstairs.  He was looking for her.  She was scared.  Then she was gone.EpilogueIt was Thomas Shegge Assistant Commissioner at Scotland.  It talks about how each person died.  It talks about the names of the people who died.

  How the murders happened.  It says each person is dead and who killed them .  I does not make sense.  Everyone just dies.They checked for fingerprints on anything.

  The only person is Vera.  Vera was dead though.  Could it be a suicide perhaps.  Or the murderer could have left before the rescue boat arrived.

  Still who killed them.The letter was from the killer.  It said from his youth he read Mystery books.  Now he writes  his confession.

  It is weird because everyone is dead.  Who could it be? How could this happen? For what reason?As I read on the letter made more sense.  The murder found the revolver and faked his own death.  It was his dream to do this.

  To make a mystery no one could solve.  It was his goal.  Woodgrave, that is very surprising.  I thought he was dead.