Chapter Mom, and Dad. Melody is a young

Chapter 1-3:  Melody is a young girl who has a disorder and stays in a wheelchair. She is very good at listening and thinking about others, but the problem is that she can’t express those feeling because she can’t talk. Melody can remember many different things she can recite some TV shows word for word too.  The major character in the book are Melody, Mom, and Dad.

Melody is a young girl who is in a wheelchair all the time because she has a disorder and can’t function properly. The setting is located in their house during the day. Melody’s dad has lots of fun with her and learning how she is getting along and expressing new things she hasn’t before. Melody loved to watch movies from her childhood and see all the things she used to do. She is a very smart girl because there are many things that she has memorized. If she could she would tell her dad lots of things she likes about him and she would also tell her mom many things she likes about her and maybe some things that need to change. She gets along good with her family she just needs a lots of help because she can’t function like all of us can.

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Chapters 4-7:Melody went to a “support group” just to work with her speaking and understanding of things. She does very good thinking about it but when she tells them about what happen she just says or shows them the wrong things. Her friends and her like to watch the other kids play at recess and sometimes they wonder why nobody asks them to play.  I feel bad Melody because a lot of things that we can do she can’t just because she has disabilities.

She also can’t show feeling and say stuff to have people understand her. I also feel happy for Melody because she does have friends and lots of other kids that are just like her.  Melody has learned some new things at school from her teachers. She is learning about the alphabet right now in her class. Melody had some problems when they were learning which meant that her mom had to come in and try and solve the problem.

 Chapters 8-12:Melody had a pet goldfish and one day Ollie jumped out of his bowl. When Melody tried to go and save him she pulled the bowl down on the floor  to see if the water would save him but it didn’t. Melody’s moth didn’t know what happened so she thought that Ollie was in his bowl and everything was good. Now looking back Melody feels bad that she tried to save him but couldn’t.  On Melody’s birthday she got a puppy that was a golden retriever. She named him Butterscotch after her favorite candy. Melody loves Butterscotch so much even though she can’t say it. Melody’s mom is pregnant, as her and Melody’s dad are really hoping that it doesn’t turn out like Melody.

They want this because having two kids with disabilities would be hard to take care of. Melody’s mother and father make sure that Melody knows that they love her no matter what happens with the baby. Chapters 13-15:Melody’s parents are going to meet Mrs. Shannon to talk about Melody.

Mrs. Shannon knows how smart that Melody is and she wants to find someone to act as her personal aid. Melody’s aid is named Catherine and they already know that they are going to be a great team. Melody now has a class of Language Arts. Miss Gordon is the teacher and she is very energetic and you can tell that she loves teaching. To help the students learn more they play games that have to go with the topic they are learning.

Melody can’t compete very well because she can’t move fast enough. There were lots of people who thought that Melody cheated on the test because she has a personal aid, and it doesn’t make Melody feel very good. Mrs. V and the other teacher work on it to make it easier for Melody so that she can do it by herself. Chapters 16-18: Melody likes that she is the center of attention for something that her body didn’t do without her wanting it to, and it wasn’t embarrassing either. Many kids make fun of Melody in school. After Connor stands up for her everyone else leaves Melody alone.

She likes that she can program things into her computer and then say it to the class. Melody likes that her “computer” can make it feel like a normal day and not a day that she would normally have. Melody’s teacher is starting to giver her real grades because she can do a lot more in school and just things in general now. The Whiz Kids quiz is what they are doing in history class. Mr.

Dimming’s is very surprised that Melody participates, and then he is more surprised that she got a perfect score out of the whole class. Melody is very happy and she is really sad that she is being treated unfairly about having more help then the other kids. If Melody can prove herself that she is that smart then she will be put on the team Whiz kids team.

Everyone is worried that Melody is being set up for failure but, she really wants to try so they let her go for it.Chapters 19-21: Melody makes time to add new sentences to her “computer”. Mr. Dimming’s doesn’t want Melody to be mad about her test so he tries to get her to leave. There are lots of people that studied really hard to take the test.

Rose is Melody’s best friend and even she is very surprised that Melody came in to take the test. Melody goes into take the test and because and she studied so much she knew most of the questions. Melody says that the test was very exciting and very hard at the same time. Mr. Dimming reminds Melody that she might be disappointed and don’t tell him that he didn’t warn her. Melody is sad that she wasn’t an alternate and she wasn’t an alternate because she made it onto the top team!  Melody was very excited and learned that being prepared is a good thing when it comes to taking a test.

 Chapters 22-24:The team interacts in ways that make it hard for Melody to join in, so although she is physically there, she doesn’t become socially into the group, and doesn’t feel like she can contribute to general discussions. Melody doesn’t feel that she can always contribute to her classmates just because she is different then them.  Melody’s mom drive her to the place that the competition will be filmed. Catherine joins her and together they make sure Melody will have help. The people at the studio set up a special thing for Melody to make it easier for her. Melody and her team are ready to begin. They do a practice round to know what it will feel like and then they get started with the real questions.

Every student on Melody’s team has different things that they are each good and bad at but, Melody’s team wins the first match 81 to 77 points. Mr. Dimming congratulates Melody on her success and how well all of them did. Rose also tells Melody what a good job she’s done throughout the whole thing,  More teams compete over the evening, and in the end Melody’s team has the second highest score out of all the teams, and they get the chance to go to the championships in Washington D.C.Chapters 25-27:The last round of the competition was by far the hardest section of them all.

Coming to the end Melody’s team was behind by a little bit. The nest question was about Synesthesia and it was easy for Melody to answer because that is what she has for her disability condition. Coming into the final question, Melody’s team is tied with the other team at 82–82.

The last question is about math and they manage to get it correct and they win the competition! After the competitions the team and Mr. Dimming’s go out to eat to celebrate. Everyone agrees that they couldn’t have done it without Melody and that they are glad she could do it. The day after the Whiz Kids competition Melody is on the front page of the  newspaper. The article is about the team, but it focuses on Melody’s particular and her being so smart even with her disability, and the picture is of Melody alone. Melody and her team are very happy with how they did and they are ready to move onto the championship!Chapters 28-30:Melody is very excited about going to Washington D.C for the championships and also very excited to sit next to Rose on the airplane. Melody is sad by the news that she can’t get to Washington, and the news that her teammates were getting together without her Everyone knows that Melody is very important to the team and they are very sad that she can’t come.

The reaction by Melody’s teammates is shocking. All of her team didn’t really accept her and as a friend, Melody still thought and deserved to be there.  Although Mr. Dimming understands how important Melody is to the team, he didn’t make any chance to see if Melody can’t make it to the competition.

The thing that Melody tries to do the most is not think about any of it and just be be glad that they had one the other one. She hopes that they do good without her and have lots of fun and can’t wait to hear how they did. Chapters 31-33:The thing that Melody wants most in her life is to communicate normally with everyone. Melody always thinks that if she were normal nothing bad would be going on and she could have everything she dreamed of.  Mrs.

V tries to tell Melody that she is a unique person and sometimes that’s a good thing. She is very good at making people feel good and whenever Melody and her family need it she is there for them. Melody thought that Rose and her were in a very good friendship and then one day Rose let all of her feelings out and made Melody feel really bad. In some ways, Melody deals with the same questions and concerns as any normal fifth-grader, but she also realizes that because of her disability she will never be exactly like everyone else, and her day-to-day struggles will necessarily be more complex.

Melody really wants to fit in with all the others and then she learns that not everyone like people for who they really are and many turn their back on people.