CHAPTER problems, such as digging the ideas and

CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION1.1. Background of the study It is very important to master English in orally and written in order to communicate and socialize with other people around the world. In Indonesia, English is as foreign language. Even though English is as foreign language but English is a compulsory subject in the school. English is taught start from elementary school until senior high school even until university level. Indonesia’s government realize the important role of English as a part in the development of the country. There are four skills that should be mastered in English, they are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. English also has some language components that should be understood by the learners, such as pronounciation, vocabulary, grammar, and so on.  All of them are integrated and cannot be separated. There are two productive skills in the English language. One of them is writing. Writing involves communication by a message. It can be read and analyzed by the readers. Writing is a tools to express our thinking and feeling. Writing needs some effort to build the ideas from writer’s mind and put it in the written. In terms of developing a writing skills, ideas and sources is important. It can be taken from newspapers, magazines, journals or websites.  Writing is an unnatual skills. It should be taught and learnt. Some student think that writing is the most difficult and complex language skill among others. Student needs to produce an idea, manage the idea, and decide the word choice, punctuation and grammar to make a good composition in writing. There are some kinds of text types, such as descriptive, narrative, recount, procedure, and report.  Descriptive writing is a text type which describe about person, things, or place that people can see, hear, feel, or touch. Descriptive is a verbal picture of place, thing or person. It is related to the writer’s though and ideas in describing what the writer has seen.  In teaching writing, student will face some problems, such as digging the ideas and build the imagination. In order to help students in writing, teacher can use picture. Picture is a true, concrete and realistic concept. It also can attract student’s attention in order to make them more imaginative and creative. Picture is an excellent device in teaching writing. A picture or picture series can motivate students and make them clearer to describe something. The use of picture in teaching writing especially in descriptive text is a good tools to help them to get a real and concrete things so they can describe it with a clear and complete. This study will find out the use of picture in teaching descriptive writing. 1.2. Problem FormulationBased on the background, the problem formulation of this study is 1. What are the benefit of using picture in teaching descriprive text?2. Are there any significant differences in their English ability between student who use picture and without picture? 1.3. Objectives of the studyThe study aims to :1. Find out the differences in the English writing ability between students who use picture and without picture.2. To know how far is the effectiveness of using picture in teaching descriptive writing.1.4. Definition of terms 1.4.1. WritingWriting is one from four skills that should be taught. Writing is a process of thinking to create ideas, make it into a good writing, and arranging the ideas into a clear paragraph (Nunan, 1989). It can conclude that writing is a way ro produce a writing product by using our thought, feeling, or ideas. 1.4.2. Descriptive WritingDescriptive writing is a process to create a writing product by using the senses. It tells how is something looks, feels, smells, sounds, tastes (Oshima & Hogue, 1997). Readers can imagine the object or the event on their mind. It can conclude that descriptive writing is a tool that can be used to explain the readers about something in detail, so readers can imagine with theirselves even though they do not see the real thing or experience it. 1.4.3. PicturePicture is a visual media that can be used in the learning process to give a clearer image to the student and also to increase their motivation in learning English. “Bringing a pen into the classroom is not a problem. Bringing a car, however is. One solution is the use of pictures.”(Harmer, 2003). It means that picture is a good choice for teacher that can be used to support the learning process and also using picture is easier because teacher can introduce the objects to the student. CHAPTER 2REVIEW OF LITERATURE2.1. Review of related studyTo start this chapter, this study will explain about the others study which has a relation to this study. This study will be about the use of picture in teaching descriptive writing and the effectiveness of using picture in teaching descriptive writing.. The first study is written by Mei Setya Chairena in 2009. The title is “The Use of Picture to Teach Writing Descriptive Text”. This is an experimental study that was conducted in SMP N 13 Semarang. Based on this study, picture can contribute well to students in writing especially in writing descriptive text. By looking at the picture, students can easily get an idea from the picture. They can easily write based on what the see. They also were more creative to write a descriptive text. Their writing ability also increased during learning writing using pictures. It showed from students’ pre-test and post-test from experimental group and control group. Using picture also can increase student’s motivation and interest in writing descriptive text. With picture, student will be easily describe and imagine something and also it can help teacher to explain the material. The second study is written by Sofiana Zahra in 2014. The tittle is “The Effectiveness of Teaching Descriptive Text Using Picture Media on Students Ability”. This study is an experimental study and it was conducted in SMK Tunas Muda Grafika Informatika Jakarta. Based on the result of this study, it showed that picture is an effective media for teaching descriptive writing text. Students were more motivated and interested when learning writing in the class. It gave a good influence to the experimental group. The experimental group also have a higher motivation than control group. The atmosphere also more active and lively. They enjoy the teaching and learning process and they can understand easily with picture. In control group, they were less motivation and bored. The third study is written by Devika Khairara Muna in 2016. The title is “Using Picture Series in Teaching Descriptive Text Writing”. This study is an experimental study and it was conducted in SMP N 23 Semarang. The result of this study is picture is an effective tool for teaching descriptive text writing. It proved by the result of the experimental group’s score is highest than control group’s score. The result showed the improvement of the experimental group is better than control group. Their writing ability is improved while using picture.Based on three previous study, it can conclude that picture is a good media in teaching descriptive text writing because it can make the students easily to imagine and feel and also it can make the teacher easier to explain the material.