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For some students, high school is the gateway to college, university and eventually a successful life. For others, it is the end of the road for education. No matter which type of student you are, chances are getting into high school is a top priority. But getting into a high school is not as easy as it seems. Sure public high schools will take about anyone inside their circle, but for students who really wish to benefit from such schools, private high schools are the only way to go and getting into these schools requires a lot more effort than before.

Initially, students have to be consistent throughout the whole year. They must keep up their attendance and maintain a good disciplinary level. High schools would like to hear good recommendations from a student’s previous teachers, and that isn’t possible if teachers do not know you. Students must also submit every piece of homework. As you know, each and every piece of homework that is assigned is marked, and that means you will need to do each and every one of them to score a place in high school.

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Finally, you have your tests and exams. These take up a big portion of your academic and yearly grade. These must be passed with flying colors. Although extra-curricular activities play an important role, it is insignificant if you have a bad grade throughout your middle school years.

Although many students wish to join a high ranking high school, not all of them are able to do so. This is because of the harsh and often discriminating methods of teaching at lower levels of education. Students are given a bucket load of assignments by teachers every day, all of which is graded. Teachers care not whether the students already have enough homework or duties to fulfill, they still pill on more and more assignments so that their life could be easier later on.

While rich students will have enough time and even more tutors who can safely secure their place in high school, not all kids are that lucky. Many are not too well off and must work side jobs to study, which significantly reduces the time they have for studying and completing homework. Aside from that, English is not everyone’s native tongue, there are many Asian and Hispanic children who study in the USA who have yet to fully grasp English. However almost all courses are in English and this severely hampers a non-citizen’s grade. Many students may be geniuses, but may fail to interpret it properly in English.

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