Child Development Revision

Asthma is a non-infectious notation that can be triggered by allergic reactions and causes breathing problems. Attachment: An attachment is a close personal relationship between a child and a parent; the important emotional relationship between a baby and it’s adult career is also called bonding. Attachment Relationship: An attachment relationship is an emotionally close relationship with a parent or career through which an infant develops and expresses his or her emotions with a sense of security.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD): ADD is a condition involving problems with concentration and over active behavior. Bacteria: Bacteria are microscopic organisms that can cause disease. Barrier Methods: Barrier methods are contraceptives that prevent the sperm fro reaching the egg and protect against sexually-transmitted infections. Bilingual: Bilingual is the ability to speak two different languages. Binocular: Binocular are non-identical twins conceived from two fertilized eggs.

Birthmark: A birthmark is a blemish that appears on the skin which forms before birth. Birth Plan: A birth plan is a written outline that identifies a couple’s preferences for the birth of the child. Blended Family: A blended Emily is a from of step-family in which one or both parents have children from previous relationships. Bonding: Bonding is a strong feeling of connection towards another person like mother and child. Breech – reecho is where the position of the baby in the uterus lying bottom or feet first instead of head first.

British Standards Estimate – This is the official mark of quality and reliability in the form of a kite symbol, of the British Standards Institute. Cesarean Section – A cesarean section is a surgical procedure that involves cutting open the uterus to deliver the baby. Casein: Casein is the main protein in a cow’s milk. Cerebral Palsy – Cerebral palsy is a group of conditions that are not contagious or progressive, caused by brain damage before or during birth that results in problems with posture, muscle tone and movement.

Cervix – The cervix is the neck Of the uterus. Chicken Pox – Chicken Pox is an infectious disease caused by a virus that produces very itchy spots. Childcare Swaps – Childcare swaps happens when parents take turns to look after one another’s child on an informal basis. Children – A children is a private sector childcare provider who offers day care for a small number of children in their own home. Chronic Villous Sampling (C.V.) – C.V. is a specialized test in pregnancy that removes a sample of the placenta and checks for Town’s Syndrome.

Cognitive – Cognitive is related to thinking skills and mental processes, like remembering and robber- solving. It is the scientific word for ‘the thought process’. Cohabit – Cohabit means live together. Colic – Colic is an attack of stomach pain and excessive crying in a new baby. Colostrums – Colostrums is the first milk produced by the mothers breasts after the birth of the baby. ] Communication Skills – Communication skills mean language such as talking, listening, sign language and lip reading. Conception – Conception is the fertilization of the female egg by the male sperm.

Congenital – Congenital is a condition that is present at birth but sin ‘t necessarily hereditary. Contraception – Contraception is the use of birth control methods to prevent pregnancy. Contractions – Contractions are the tightening of muscles of the uterus during labor. Convulsion -? A convulsion is an uncontrollable contraction of muscles in the body countersinking movements. Cot Death – Cot death is the sudden and unexplained death off baby, usually while sleeping. Creche -? Creche is a day nursery for pre-school hillier and infants, often located in a workplace or shopping centre.

Cross- Contamination – Cross-contamination is the spread of bacteria from raw, contaminated food to other food. Cross-Infection – Cross-infection means becoming infected with something that originates from a source other than the person themselves. Crowning -? Crowning is the appearance of the baby’s head towards the end of labor. Dehydration – Dehydration is the excessive loss of water from the body. Developmental Screening Tests – This is regular check-ups to monitor a child’s development. Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease with high sugar levels in he blood.