Choosing a topic for your essay

In most cases, your instructor will allow you to choose a topic for your English essay. When this happens, you know that you have the whole world before you. In English essay writing, however, specificity is more important than generality. This means that if you have the whole world before you; ensure that you narrow down to something that makes sense. Narrow down to a specific topic that you enjoy writing about and which you are sure you have enough ideas to construct your essay.

If, for instance, you are required to write about the country that is Brazil, bear in mind that this is an enormous region with many economic, social, and political aspects. You may narrow down to social aspects that Brazil is known for, but better still know that this aspect is wide enough and needs also to be condensed. You may decide to write about what Brazil is best known for in social circles, and that is gang crime.

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After choosing a topic for your essay, proceed to write your thesis statement. Thesis statement represents your main idea; this is what you will be seeking to discuss in your essay. You may need to know that thesis statement plays a central role in English essay writing. A weak thesis statement may as well mean that the arguments raised are also weak. Ensure that you come up with a strong thesis statement which you can support. When it comes to writing the body section of your English essay, ensure that you start with the strongest points followed by those that may be deemed weak. English essay writing requires you to use a language that flows easily. This is a language that can be understood by any kind of audience. Have followed these tips, your English essay writing skills will be enhanced.