City Road

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline some of the inequalities on a street which you know. By wannabes According to Blakely et al. (2009), ‘inequality’ refers to the unequal distribution of valued social resources within a society or between societies. It Is useful to make a distinction between Inequalities and differences. A good example are shops; different kinds of shops appeal to different kind of people with different background.Also, inequalities can be seen when talking about time, access to place and mobility – a person with a wheelchair will not be equal to a person without a disability when, for example, the lift is broken and they should take the stairs.

By looking at a street in different ways a lot of differences and inequalities can be seen. When seeing a street dally, It becomes fraternal to us but there are many things that are left unnoticed. For the purposes of this essay we are going to look at Windborne Road in Vermouth – the longest street in the South West of England.A tree with long history, many changes that have taken place, a large diversity of people and buildings.

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Windborne Road connects the main neighborhoods in Vermouth. It has its similarities and differences in economic and social aspects to City Road. When you walk on Windborne Road, you can easily notice the many charity shops and shops for people with lower income around the street. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, this neighborhood is mostly populated by students and people with average incomes, who prefer to buy lower price things – food, clothes, furniture.

For a student, life In the UK is not cheap, especially when the person Is paying for their tuition and not using a student loan. In this case the charity shops can be of a help him or her. Moreover, because most of the students move from one house to another every year, there are always stuff that are just taking space and need to be get rid of. So, instead of throwing away still useful things, one can donate them to the charity shops and help someone else.

This is a clear example of the repairing of the society ND making it a better place to live in – by helping others and yourself.Windborne Road Is situated In an area where a lot of students live In, because there is a university nearby. Due to this fact, there are a lot of complaints about late night noise coming from houses with disrupt the order. The police’s role in making, maintaining and repairing the society would include giving notice to these students and informing them with warning letters that if the noise continues they will be punished.

A campaign by Student Union at Vermouth University called ‘SSH – Stay Silent, Head Home’ for decreasing noise will be held on Windborne Road, which Is for an operation called ‘Clean Sweep’.The campaign will involve deceasing noise made by students and taxis late at night when coming back from Vermouth’s town centre, community litter picks and raising awareness to police’s campaign about alcohol related sexual attacks. A visible ordering which will help maintain the order in the city and contribute to the Joint living of both younger and older residents. One difference Windborne Road has to City Road is the organization of the traffic and the streets. From the ‘Making Social Lives’ DVD, it can be acknowledged that in order for people, places and things to work together there should be a kind of order (ordered lives’,2009).

For example, on City Road there are red tarmac, bollards, traffic lights, signs which help for the successful interconnection of social and material lives. There is similar type of organization, but it differentiates in the things used to reach the point of order. On Windborne Road it is seen that there is no different tarmac, the use of bollards is rear, there are no islands in the middle of the street tit concrete posts to make it easier for the pedestrians to cross the road.Instead, all of these are replaced with traffic lights for pedestrians. As a main street which crosses the a couple of main neighborhoods, this road has a lot of vehicles during the whole day. Windborne Road is a street that in many aspects is very similar to City Road, but thinking more about it discovered that it has its differences, too. The inequalities can change over time and can differ from place to place, but the main purpose is social order.