Clean Water

I continue to be concerned about the cleanliness of our water. Clean water is a necessity to the entire community. Our efforts to reduce water pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, benefits not Just the Bay residents and fishermen, but all of our creeks and rivers. The reason that we continue to have these problems is due to the runoffs from construction sites, waste from the farms located near the shorelines, and dumping of trash by local citizens. The chemicals and pollutants found in the soil is contaminating and killing the microorganism and sea life in the bay, plus intimidating our ground water supply.I would like to see more citations, fines and restrictions applied not only to first time offenders but also those that blatantly continue these practices.

It would also be a good idea to have anyone cited for these violations mandated to attend a seminar by the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Society. The reason that these types of actions are necessary Is to deter those who are guilty of these acts and continue to educate them on the benefits and necessity of preserving the Bay and ground water. This problem will continue to get worse asMaryland counties continue to grow, without changes from developers, farmers and the public at large. The runoff resulting from construction and farms continue to harm not only the Bay but our ground water. This problem requires an Immediate solution.

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If the countless do not continue this clean-up effort, It not only hurts the Bay, but also threatens the safety of local drinking water, the health of children and the economy. Investing In smart pollution reduction strategies such as those employed by Xylem Inc. Would benefit us. One example would be Installing storm water pollution control technology.