Cloud a laptop with sensitive data occurred. As

 Cloud computing has distinctivecharacteristics which helps us understands its main features andfunctionalities.

A review of these characteristics is important to understandcloud computing concepts and how they are implemented as a service. Thecharacteristics like On-Demand Self service, Resource pooling, broad network access and measure service makes thecloud computing more appealing. Consumers can access  to applications, network storage withouthaving to interact with a service provider. They can access these servicesthrough various platforms like laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc.         Benefitsof Cloud Computing                 Below mentioned are some of thebenefits of implementing cloud computing services by business organizations.

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1)  Availability(Work from Anywhere): Most of the cloud providers are reliable in providing the  services. Using  the internetconnection, the workers in an organization can access to the applications from anywhere as the cloudconnection is always available.2)  CostEffective : One of the major advantage of cloud based applicationsis that the organizations only payfor what they use. By using cloud services any organization can save money by reducing the serverscount,  cost topurchase a software,  and also reduce use of human effort by making sure it doesn’thave  any impact onthe business.3)  IncreasedSecurity : Cloud computing givesgood security whenever a potential loss like losing a laptop with sensitive dataoccurred.  As all the data/information is stored in cloud and abackup is maintained,  everything is restored back.

Alsothe  cloud service providers are specialized in erasing important data from the lostmachine.4)  Performanceand Software Updates: All the cloud computing services run on the networks  of secure data center.Any software or a security update is performed by service providers  so the resources inthe business organization do not  need toinvest their time in performing all the necessary updates.

5)  ImprovedCollaboration : Project team can access and easily share informationfrom any place through the sharedstorage . This helps improving the product development and also reduces the amount of time ondelivering the output. It enhances the productivity of the team.