Cloud Web Services (AWS): Amazon Web Services is

Cloud Service Provider (CSP):     Some companies areespecially aimed at providing services like network, infrastructure, and somebusiness applications for the organizations that seek help in storing andsecuring the data. Such companies are referred as CSP(Cloud Service Provider).All services offered will be hosted in a data center that is away from the usercompanies. Services offered are accessed by the user companies or theindividuals through network connectivity.     A CSP will use thesame infrastructure and network for providing similar services to differentorganisations at a time.

This means that a CSP will share the single network todifferent user companies will reduces the cost of services. Installation andmaintenance costs of a single system is very low when compared to having aseparate system for each individual company. This factor of low costs is themain reason that pushes user companies to buy cloud services rather thaninstalling a new one. The job of providing security to the data and maintenanceof data servers will be done by the CSPs. This is also an important factor thatattracts user companies towards CSPs. The time that is saved can be used inconcentrating more on the business objectives.

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There are many other benefitswith CSPs which brings more demand for them in the data market. There aredifferent types of CSPs available in the market for different types ofusers.  According to the requirement ofthe user CSP has to be selected. The main question if how to select a CSP thatcould match our requirements. The factors that has to considered while choosinga CSP are discussed in this paper by comparing four different CSPs popular inthe market. The four chosen for comparison are Amazon Web Services, GoogleCompute Engine, Rackspace and CloudBees. The comparison can be easilyunderstood from the infographics provided below.

      Amazon Web Services (AWS):    Amazon WebServices is a subsidiary organisation that works under Thisprovides cloud platforms on a paid subscription basis. Starting from individualsto popular government agencies of many countries are customers of AWS.

Itservers located all over the world which is very important for securing thedata stored. As it has servers placed in many locations data can be saved inmultiple copies at different locations. When the data is stored in remotelocation it can be secured from natural calamities and used as a backup in theneed of data recovery.    AWS is the world’sbest cloud service provider at present.

It is considered to be the leader inproviding services in two mostly used cloud platforms IaaS (Infrastructure as aService) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Amazon Route 53, Amazon VirtualPrivate Cloud (VPC) and Amazon Direct Connect are AWS networking applications.Route 53 provides DNS services which are scalable and easily managed. VPC isdesigned to create set of AWS resources that can be isolated logically and canbe connected by using a VPN connection. Amazon Direct will help the users toconnect directly to the data centres of AWS.

Google Compute Engine:     Google ComputeEngine(GCE) is a part of Google Cloud Platform. GCE is a IaaS provider. Themain purpose of GCE is to enable its users to create Virtual Machines accordingto their requirements. All resources within that are within GCE can be accessedanywhere from the world.

Users can launch a VM from anywhere in the world usingGCE. VMs that are launched using GCE can boot in less than 30 seconds. This isten folds faster than the competitive speeds in the field of cloud services.The persistent disks used in GCE are very efficient and could deliver high IOPSwith very good consistency.     Providing servicewithout interruption is a difficult task but attracts the users as thereliability of the system can be improved. When there maintenances in Googledata centres as per the schedule, GCE will migrate the VMs from one host to theother automatically without interrupting the service to its users. Users neednot perform any action for such migration.   Rackspace:    Rackspace is awell known cloud service provider which has a wide spread of data centersacross the globe.

This provides cloud services in two methods. One isInfrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and the other is Platform as a Service(PaaS). Rackspace has an important role in developing and modelling the OpenStack which is very much discussed on open source cloud programming.     Rack Space is wellknown for its redundancy of data and thus providing security to the data.Redundancy is done by copying three full copies of data and placing them inmultiple computers in different zones. Such kind of redundancy is well suitedfor archiving or backing up the data. CloudBees:    CloudBees is acontinuous delivery software service provider to different organizations.

Initiallyit run PaaS for building, running, and managing web applications. It canprovide complete support required for developing software. Support extends uptodeployment of the product.     CloudBees is adifferent kind of cloud service provider. It concentrates more on Java PaaS andContinuous Conveyance Region which is not similar to other types of CSPs thatprovide PaaS.      References; What is cloud provider? – Definition from

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