Coca Cola Commercial

We have prided ourselves on a land that can be sought after, with bedspread stories of roads that were paved of gold to inquiring travelers. Although there Is some that are for and Immigration and some against It, that doesn’t change that It will always be a part of America and what we stand for; freedom. So why Is a simple Coca Cola commercial depicting people of different races slang “America the Beautiful” In their language so controversial?

James Phenomenal, a writer from Time wrote a beautiful article explaining the pepper underlining meaning of the ad rather than what most would see It as. He states “We come to America, in other words, and we become American-but we don’t erase everything else that we were before, we don’t forget our cultures and languages as if they never existed, and we don’t hide them as if they’re shameful or less than patriotic. We bring them out and share them, and they make this country better and stronger. James said this perfectly its not about where you come from or what language you speak its about the appreciation of America and the comfort of owing that once you’re here you should be accepted as an American. He also makes a very valid point in saying that its not the national anthem that there singing its simply a song about the beauty of America, a beauty that everyone could recognize and learn to love and live in. Upon seeing the ad during the Super Bowl I didn’t really have a significant initial reaction to it.

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But as it became a discussion the more I questioned the reasoning of others and not Just my own thoughts. What makes “Americans” so ignorant that they themselves believe that only one race and language can appreciate the beauty of America? With a cultural blend of people we can progress more as a whole because deferent beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, and morals summon different ways of thinking. It Is safe to say that I agree with James. We are all here for one reason whether or not we were born here, to live a fulfilling life in a land of opportunities.

And being from another country no matter how many generations down, does not take away from any nationalistic pride you may have. While social media was the spawn of this controversy It subsidized Coca Cola both negatively and positively. Attention towards a company Is always a goal but negative attention Is not always beneficial, but with all the rebuttals was It actually negative? Since nothing morally wrong was done In the ad It seems to rest on a strictly pollen based floor.

Hundreds of people flocked onto twitter to share their views on this commercial, which to me Is Just as effective as another commercial. The reason why twitter Is such a useful source of social media Is because of the speed and ease of talking about a certain subject by simply searching by a keyword or a hash tag. I that I thought his article was beautifully written, and within ten minutes he answered e back with a “Thank you! ” That’s the beauty of social media. Mutter Kent has a few options as I see it.

He can address this opinionated issue with defensive style of communication or he can follow what I believe to be the right course, Marathon’s RACER approach to public relations crisis’s. First off it would do him well to research more on the topic, possibly looking at twitter and even other articles online like James Pinewoods to get multiple views from the public so he can directly see the issue. Next he must choose a course of action weather he is going to come UT publicly and make a speech about it or Just give a few statements that will circulate throughout the press.

This will lead him to his next step, which is communication, and this may very well be Mutter Ken’s most important step. The words that he chooses and the order in which he arranges these words are so detrimental to persuading the public minds that were offended by this commercial. After so he will evaluate the publics reaction to his comments and if necessary re- implement a better course of action or a follow up. All and all I don’t see America’s stopping drinking Coca Cola. Millions of people watch the Super bowl and the advertising that goes on during it is notoriously known.

If a simple Coca Cola commercial can stir up so much debate than maybe in the end it’s exactly what Coke wanted. Or maybe they Just wanted the broad message that was right in front of your face, that America is beautiful and the blend of people are what makes us even more special. Although when bad reviews come about after its all about how you as a company deal with your public relations towards the topic that make you an even stronger CEO and make your classic American company who you are.