College Hopes and Fears

Entering college is a bittersweet feeling with many upsides and downsides.

However the overall feeling is very exciting, as us first year college students are finally able to experience the freedom and responsibility of living on our own. I want my college experience to be filled with opportunity. If I am given opportunities to accomplish various tasks and goals, then I know it is up to me to achieve success. All one can ask for is to be given a chance to do something with his or her life, and college to many is the building blocks for the rest of one’s life. For me, there are many hopes and fears that come to my mind when I think about my future in college. Basic hopes include having a good time and joining clubs and organizations that interest me, from the computer science / math club to the baseball team. More elaborate hopes for my college career are to maintain good grades, receive a work study job on campus, obtain an internship by the end of my junior year, and most importantly find a job right out of college. On the other hand, there are many stories I hear where people do not have a good college experience and that is why I have several fears about college.

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These fears I have include not enjoying my selected major, losing childhood friends, being able to manage my time with work and sports, and once again most importantly for the opposite reason, not receiving a job straight out of college. Making these hopes reality is easier said than done. However, maintaining good grades throughout college can be done if I put in the time and apply myself.

A nice incentive for getting work done is knowing that I can go hangout with friends or pretty much do whatever I want after all of my work is done. Receiving a work-study job on campus would be very beneficial to me, as it would allow me to experience a different type of job than I have ever had. Also, it would allow me to meet other people and possibly make new friends. Creating lif…