Comedy an area of discomfort. Due to the

Comedy and humor is something that has been around in my life since I was a little kid. Growing up I remember staying up with my dad and watch different standup comedy routines by a variety of comedians such as: Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, George Lopez, Kat Williams, Chris Rock, Eddie Griffin, and others. One of the central themes that these comedians  base their jokes around are race relations, stereotypes, and pop culture. While they may be deemed as offensive or taboo topics to talk about these comedians make it much easier to address these topics from a humorous standpoint.In terms of race related and stereotypical topics, I find these kind of jokes funny because in a way I can relate to them while at the same time I can understand where the stereotype comes from. Along with that I am able to understand or be able to learn a bit more about another culture through the types of jokes that people make both on themselves and others. These types of jokes allow me to see the views on race that another person may have. An example of some stereotypical jokes are, “Why are blacks so good at basketball?”, “What does a black guy do after sex?”, and “What’s the difference between a black guy and a picnic table?”. Jokes like these may be found funny but at the same time it also depends on the crowd that’s listening and the context in which they are used. For example jokes told at a comedy club are already predetermined to be purely jokes, however in a situation where there’s a person of a specific race, religion, or background and they are being belittled by a group of others, that’s when a concept of a joke can be questioned. This also ties into racial slurs which are usually used in context to jokes since the reflect methods of communication between groups of people but once it’s used in a different manner or in the wrong setting it’s no longer acceptable and the results tend to create an area of discomfort. Due to the fact that comedians make jokes using these different terms and style of jokes it does help make the conversation of race relations and controversial topics easier to address in certain settingsWhen it comes to insensitivity in jokes that is a bit harder to determine because not everyone takes jokes the same way. Some people may be more offended than others when it comes to certain types of jokes while others will simply laugh about it. Some jokes can come across in a very judgmental type of way and those are usually the negative stereotype jokes, the  ones that make a person or a group of people look negative. An example of a more offensive joke would be “What’s the difference between a black guy and a picnic table?” The answer to that joke is “a picnic table can support a family.” The overall takeaway from that joke is saying that a black man cannot support a family and to someone who is not familiar with a black person could possibly allow it to affect their view of a black person. These kind of jokes usually result in a negative image being drawn.  The next joke about “Why are black so good at basketball?, because they can run, shoot, and steal” why black people are so good at basketball is not as offensive as the previous one but also it is still a stereotype. That joke plays on the notion that black people are known for running fast, or running from police, shooting guns, and stealing from people. The last joke about “What does a black guy do after sex? 15 to life” , this could be considered about equally offensive as the joke about the picnic table because this joke alludes to the fact that black people are likely to have sex with underage people and are also inclined to do time in prison. There’s a little bit of truth to every joke that is told. Every joke comes from something someone somewhere has seen. Jokes are known to exaggerate things that one sees or blow them out of proportion. Humor covers a wide range of topics, although these days the main topics revolve around, Pop culture, sex, stereotypes and race relations.Comedy is a way to make it easier to talk about things that are usually harder to talk about or open a discussion over. My experience with watching these shows and witnessing different varieties of comedy, makes it easier for me to be acceptable of the various forms of humor and comical elements used today and it also allows me to be more comfortable with the different types of people and interactions.