Comm Stud Ia

The following reflective piece will take the form of a drama representation and its purpose is to highlight the effects of technology on employment in Jamaica (whether positively or negatively). The fictional characters of the reflective piece will demonstrate the effect of technology on employment through interactions with one another. This reflective piece is intended towards audience above the age of sixteen, as some of its content may be suitable for anyone under this age of requirement and is only for the viewing f adults.

However, the main targeted groups of this reflected piece are: The Employed The Unemployed(not yet employed, such as teenagers) The Employed are selected as one of the targeted audience, because of the morals of this story. This is so to inform employed personnel about the current advancement of technology and the effect it has on the employment rate. It is in hope that in the reading of this drama, many employees will begin to realize the manner of technology advancement and how it might affect them.

The Unemployed (not yet employed, such as teenagers) were also selected because this reflective piece will sensitive to the prospective unemployed to be cautious and aware of today’s technology and to instill the importance of their career decisions, so that they will be able to make a living effectively to provide for themselves both socially and financially. This reflective piece can be made into a play or short film to be used in employee seminars or for just general viewing.