Commercialized Sex

What The Media Has Taught Me Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, GO, Self Magazine and Maxim are all magazines with sex advice that grab the attention of millions of sexually charged homo- and heterosexuals of all ages, and sexual experiences throughout the world. Specifically, these magazines attract the attention of couples with relationship and sex advice through emotionally and physically arousing titles, trendy styles and most importantly, idealistic bodies of alpha-males and female models paired within these articles.The magazines provide quality advice and are a convenient source of information that is relevant to everyday lives. They provide tips and ideas on several variations to allow options for people to chose the idea that is best suited for them. For example, “Naughty or Nice” an article in Men’s Health describing different sexy Christmas Ideas that consist of extreme kinky sex presents or sweet and romantic ideas for making love (notice the terminology persuades the reader Into creating an atmosphere for, In the end result, sex).Although this Information Is helpful, the reservation of the advice Is what ultimately sells the magazine.

These media- idealized couples consisting always of females and males surrounding the article can be termed “hot” and “safe’ based on their flawless tanned skin; perfectly posed hair; sparkling white teeth and; painfully beautiful and toned muscles, similar to the half- naked, olive skinned, brown-eyed and silky brunette-haired couple under the title “Role Play You’ve Never Tried Before” (Cosmos).Both the male and female models are attractive to both males and females, no matter if you are gay or straight, and attract oh into reading the relationship advice, and believing that you need this advice to make your lover more attracted to you which will therefore lead to the same perceived “happiness” of the hot and happy as the models posed around the articles. So why do these beautified people have the power to dig so deep Into our emotions that we feel compelled to buy this advice?What do they really represent? These perfected-by-photo-shop models are not only attractive, but also considered to be “happy people. ” I have always wondered if sales would not drop on these magazines f “ordinary-looking” people were on the covers.

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If you could have the option of picturing two media idealized “fat and ugly’ people doing the suggested sex positions, would that appeal to you more, or Just as much as the “skinny and hot” couple in the same position?In my guess, the most common answer to this question would be the hot couple because you and your partner want to relate to the attractive people more than the fat and ugly people. The unattractive people cannot be happy as happy as attractive people, as Is displayed by the majority of media rejected Images In these magazines. The magazines might sell if people are In desperate need of advice, but in the end, the more attractive couple on the cover will sell more magazines than the unattractive couple.Therefore, sex advice In magazines is commercialese.

They portray the media’s idealistic “relationship” your relationship needs to be improved. This way you can be as attractive to your partner as the alpha-males and females displayed in these articles.