Committee Topic – 1 : Trafficking of Refugees

Committee – United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesTopic – 1 : Trafficking of RefugeesCountry – CubaChetanya BaidThe Doon SchoolA. The trafficking of refugees has been a global issue since the dark ages and now it has taken the form of an escalating lucrative business. It traps adults and even children inside the cage of prostitution and sexual exploitation. Trafficking is being practiced for more than a century now and it has ruthlessly victimised men, women and even children. The trafficking of refugees is also very different from the trafficking of stated civilians, as refugees are very vulnerable to the enticing offers given by traffickers because of their desperate need of a good standard of living.Trafficking almost began a millennia ago but it was first recognised as an issue in the 1830’s when countries began to take notice of this specific issue known as sex trafficking of children.

As time passed it was eventually ignored this problem because of which it started to grow. As a result countries started to take steps for the safety of women and children in the 1900’s.The steps began with passing agreements that would enforce laws against the slave trade, but it was very unfortunate that many countries neglected this issue and the conditions became even worse. As a result of which the United Nations stepped in and signed a treaty that included forty nine countries around the world in 1949, just to eradicate the trafficking of refugees.

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 B. Trafficking of refugees in Cuba has been at the centre of trade for decades. Cuba believes that trafficking is a much larger problem than what it appears to be. The trafficking of refugees is a fast growing international crime with a huge market which generates about $150 billion every year. It is an even bigger problem than drug trafficking  as it also snatches away the all the rights left with the refugees.

 Cuba had not complied with the minimum standards for preventing the trafficking of refugees in the past, but it has made significant efforts in the recent years after having recognised this massive issue. Today, Cuba is no longer a country who is unable to combat the trafficking of people. It has identified and convicted numerous traffickers in the recent years and has also provided aid and services to the victims of this horrible crime. The Cuban Government has also started providing free education to children and has also taken steps to provide social safety to all its citizens, which has indeed decreased the rate of trafficking successfully. However, Cuba still has a long way left and it admits it. Cuba is still fighting trafficking and is constantly putting in effort to erase it off its map.C. Cuba admits that the trafficking of refugees is not less than an international crisis and it also feels that trafficking of any has to have an end as soon as possible.

Cuba strongly believes that ending a crisis like this is essential