Communication is the concept of conveying or relaying an idea, a message, thought, or any sort of information from one person to another or from one source to another. The concept of communication is simple yet vast, and it has a very broad spectrum, in which there are multiple branches and multiple concepts that are intertwined to each other. Communication is the essence of life, without which there exists no life, and it is the integral part of any society, community and the entire globe. Even the languages that we speak come under the heading of communication and it is such a concept that is an integral part of human life.

Communication as a subject is vast and has many branches. Students have a lot to choose from by opting communications as a subject for there is no restriction on the subject and there are wide ranges and scope of the study. The field may include media communication, which normally comes under the banner of mass communication, which again is an entirely different field. In mass communication, students are given exposure to media studies and journalism as well, and this is a field that affects a large chunk of population with its views and coverage, so communication here is very important.

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Communication has various other fields such as disabled communications, in which people are taught to communicate with physically impaired by the use of special techniques and gestures. Communication may also be between a boss and his employees, a business meeting, a dialogue, a formal conversation, a written application, all of which are taught at academic levels. Then there is the telecommunication sector, which is the most essential part of this century, without which life would not be so blissful. Telecommunication is the method by which we can talk to and relay information via electromagnetic waves, with people located on any part of the globe. This can also include the internet, which is again an excellent medium of communication and has the biggest role in this era when it comes to relaying information. All these are part of the academic structure of students.

The practicality of communication as a subject needs no stressing as can be guessed from the information provided above. Communication is a part of human life such that it does not exist without it, and hence there will always be a demand and need for someone taking the subject as a professional course.

One can always pursue a career in mass communication which is the media, or get a job in the telecommunication sector, or be a part of the group that develops techniques to help physically impaired people get their footings in this world. Communication may also get you a job in a company by means of good communication skills and hence the practicality of the subject can never be stressed enough. This is something that will remain a need of human life till eternity.

Communication is a subject that can be pursued from undergrad level to PhD level and requires a great deal of understanding and skill as you go on further. There are many branches to the field and so one may do a higher level course in any one of them as they like, for the possibilities are endless and the horizon wide.

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