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We all know one of the number one things America struggles with is unhealthy eating habits. Eating unhealthy can cause many things such as obesity, depression, diabetes, and also acne. Though, many people know the horrible side effects they still choose to keep this diet. Having healthy eating patterns does good for the body. Eating the right foods can boost your immune system; protect your heart, and many other interesting ways. Junk food is simply an unhealthy food, food with artificial lording, chemicals, and many other harmful ingredients.

Healthy foods are rich with nutrients and vitamins. Though, healthy foods and Junk foods are very tasty, Junk foods taste way better. Eating unhealthy can cause so many health issues, short term and long term. Some you can’t get rid of for example diabetes. Junk foods are rich with sugars and are most of the time processed.

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Junk foods are also filled with artificial colorings. The artificial coloring blue 1 and 2, green 3, red 3, and yellow 6 have been linked to thyroid, adrenal, bladder, kidney, and brain cancer.I mean how scary is that? Is eating unhealthy really worth it? There are so many foods that do the body good. Like salmon is rich In vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which will protect your heart.

Omega-3 fatty acids also protect against premature brain aging and memory loss. Walnuts are also good for the heart you can add these to cereals for extra flavor but Just a few pack many calories. Bananas are rich with potassium, which aids blood pressure. They are also high fiber, which will keep you fuller longer.Having energy Is very Important because your body cannot function properly without it. Our energy comes from what we consume, eating too much or not enough can cause extreme fatigue and other effects that can affect your dally lives. Carbohydrates are one of the most Important nutrients we get from foods we eat.

Foods high In fiber, whole grain breads and pastas are packed with carbohydrates. Although there are many good outcomes from eating healthy It can be more expensive. Statistics show that eating the most healthiest foods cost about $1. More per day. This may be why most people choose an unhealthy diet over a healthier one. People also prefer unhealthier diets because they are easier to get. All fast food restaurants offer many tasty foods but there all very unhealthy for you. Planning ahead what your going to eat for the day or week Is very helpful when sticking too healthier diet.

Eating unhealthy doesn’t only effect you Internally but It can also effect your outside appearance as well. Choosing the right eating patterns can help you stay slim and good looking.If you fall to stay on a good diet you can gain a lot of weight fast. Losing weight Is not an easy thing to do so Its best to Just stay on a clean diet. Unhealthy eating patterns can also cause acne and this has caused many people to have low self-esteem. There’s many benefits from eating well It does the body good. Your body needs fruits, vegetables, and some meats to function the correct way.

Nothing good comes from unhealthy eating patterns. No one wants to be fat and fatigue for the rest of their life. You are guaranteed a happier life eating clean.