Comparing established for employees and workforce. Eradicate work

Comparing the Total Quality Management Philosophies

Deming vs. Crosby vs. Emirates Airline

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W Edward Deming

Philips Crosby

Emirates Airline

up with a reason of how to improve an existing product or service in a
specific company throughout its career.

He assured that the management is a long term process that
should be done well.

They also aimed to do high standard
and quality products and services for the long term.

a new philosophy.

Form cross-departmental quality teams.

They agreed with Crosby, as they
came up with a department that has a main function of controlling and
watching over other departments.

Discontinue dependence on
mass inspection.

List the problem that faced and might face in the future.

They focused on the satisfaction of
business class traveler as a priority.

Increase the importance
of price tags in business.

Take in consideration the cost of quality and imply it in a beneficial

Applying the awarding system so
their employees are encouraged to give and work.

Focus on improving and
increasing the items or services quality.

Improve the quality awareness and personal commitment of all

They all agreed and aimed to improve
their services and products.

Focus on job training by
coming up with new innovative methods and ways.

Take immediate action to correct problems identified.

They focused on improvement as well
as fixing and correcting existing problems.

Device modern methods of

Establish a zero defect program.

Establish new rules in the security
and quality systems.

Let go of fear.

Qualify mentors in order for them to improve the quality
service in the company.

Train a whole department to be
quality supervisors for other sectors.

Destroy barriers among
the staff areas.

Zero Defects Day is needed in the company

They agreed with Deming in
destroying barriers within department for quality improvement.

Never use goals with
numbers for employees.

Help people to come up with beneficial thoughts to achieve

Award systems established for
employees and workforce.

Eradicate work standards
and numerical quotas.

Feedback about problems facing employees should be heard and
taken in consideration.

Establish a system which involves
all the company’s departments to reach high quality goals.

Abolish the barriers that
burden the workers.

Recognize employees who participate.

Quality management is an essential
key for successful so it should be taken seriously.

Device a vigorous
education and training program.

Implement quality controls to promote continual communication.

The agreed with Deming, as this will
help by providing a better education to reach better outcomes.

The best management team
is the one that will adhere to all the terms and regulations.

To improve quality, the process should never stop for better

They agreed with Crosby in which the
fact that the quality is a non-ending process.