Comparison And Contrast

“A dream and real vacation” Sit Aisha Ottoman Oafish Zit Bad Humid Unreasonably Assay Budget Facilities Environment A real Vacation (Malaysian Island) – Affordable – Same currency – Concept of village – The equipment (rental) – Beauty of the nature – Temperature – Friendly society A dream vacation (Maldives Island) – More expensive – Different currency – Guest Villas ( Included in the – Temperature package) Introduction What will you think when you hear about a vacation to an island? I am sure that you must have gone to a vacation in Malaysia before.

But have you ever dreamt of having a nicer vacation, such as in Maldives Island? There are some similarities and differences between a dream vacation to Maldives Island and a real vacation in any Malaysian Island, such as the budget, the environment and the facilities. Body 1 The first thing that you need to consider before going to a vacation is your budget. You need to have a budget plan so that you will know your capability of affording your vacation. For a real vacation, you will definitely choose to go to an Island that is affordable since the currency is the same.

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In the contrary, if it is a dream vacation, you can choose any expensive islands for your vacation but you will need some time to save some money in order for you to go there. This is because, the currency of money between Malaysia and Maldives is different. Therefore, you need to consider your budget first before choosing a destination. Body 2 Different places have different facilities provided. Most of the island in Malaysia will provides a hotel, homestead or chalet to the visitors and usually you have to rent them according to days but in Maldives island, it comes in package.

There is no such things as 1 days 1 nights. The minimum one is 3 day 2 night and it comes in various of packages. Most of the island in Malaysia are more to island and village style so that we can absorb the feeling at an island. Usually, there will be a single bedroom, family bedroom and lug bedroom but compare to our dream vacation, for instance in Maldives island, they have the common one as in Malaysia have but there, they has special room for newly weddings couple and sunset view bedroom but still CEO- friendly. Which make it is more interesting to go for a honeymoon trip there.

Body 3 Even though you are dreaming of going to Maldives Island, you need to know that there are some similarities between Maldives Island and Malaysian Island. Both of these island have the same environment. They have the same weather which is both of it have warm temperature and a great deal of sunshine. They also have the same beauty of nature that is eye-catching. They have crystal clear sea water, a clean and fresh environment and also white sand. Further more, both of the island have a friendly society that will help you to easily comfort yourselves there.

Although they are both two different islands, you can still feel the same environment. Conclusion As a conclusion, if you’re planning on going for a affordable vacation but still have that breathtaking scenery, there is a lot places in Malaysia that is affordable such as in Perception Island and Bangkok Island. If you have some extra money, then plan a vacation to a more breathtaking and relaxing vacation in Outside of Malaysia, such as in Karri Island, Hawaii or Maldives Island. It is a good therapy for ourselves having a vacation once in awhile to release our stress and just have fun with our loves one.